PortisheadSour Times Lieblingslied 40
PortisheadPedestal Lieblingslied 34
KornFreak on a Leash Lieblingslied 28
A Perfect CircleVanishing Lieblingslied 27
A Perfect CircleThe Noose Lieblingslied 27
A Perfect CircleBlue Lieblingslied 27
A Perfect CircleThe Package Lieblingslied 25
ToolThe Pot Lieblingslied 25
A Perfect CircleOrestes Lieblingslied 24
A Perfect CircleImagine Lieblingslied 24
A Perfect CircleRose Lieblingslied 23
A Perfect Circle3 Libras Lieblingslied 23
A Perfect CircleWeak And Powerless Lieblingslied 23
ToolJambi Lieblingslied 23
A Perfect CircleThinking of You Lieblingslied 22
A Perfect CircleThe Hollow Lieblingslied 22
A Perfect CircleThomas Lieblingslied 22
MetallicaSad But True Lieblingslied 22
KornMake Me Bad Lieblingslied 22
Rob DouganBorn Yesterday Lieblingslied 21
Marilyn MansonRock Is Dead Lieblingslied 21
A Perfect CircleSleeping Beauty Lieblingslied 21
A Perfect CircleMagdalena Lieblingslied 21
ToolDisposition Lieblingslied 21
A Perfect CirclePet Lieblingslied 21
A Perfect CircleFiddle And The Drum Lieblingslied 21
ToolVicarious Lieblingslied 21
DisturbedRise Lieblingslied 20
A Perfect CircleThe Outsider Lieblingslied 20
ToolRight in Two Lieblingslied 20
ToolWings for Marie, Pt. 1 Lieblingslied 20
Rob DouganDrinking Song Lieblingslied 19
DeftonesLucky You Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleA Stranger Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleRenholdër Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleBreña Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CirclePeople Are People Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleFreedom Of Choice Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleWhen The Levee Breaks Lieblingslied 19
A Perfect CircleOver Lieblingslied 18
A Perfect CircleCounting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums Lieblingslied 18
A Perfect CircleWhat's Going On Lieblingslied 18
ToolRosetta Stoned Lieblingslied 18
A Perfect CircleGravity Lieblingslied 17
A Perfect CircleGimme Gimme Gimme Lieblingslied 17
A Perfect CirclePassive Lieblingslied 17
A Perfect CircleLet's Have A War Lieblingslied 17
KornFalling Away From Me Lieblingslied 17
KornGot the Life Lieblingslied 17
ToolStinkfist Lieblingslied 16