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Sygnals project is the collaboration of Alexandros A. , Aristides K. and Phoebus N.
Each one of them started producing music at the early 2000. Being friends for many years & having the need to create something unique they decided to join forces. Tuning their different acoustic influences, combining music knowledge-creativity & fantasy, they formed Sygnals in 2007. Their sole purpose is to produce cerebral music for inner or outer mind-journeys through a fusion of chill-out, downbeat & atmospheric psychedelic soundscapes..
Since 2011 Sygnals are in position to perform a full live act of their tunes. They have performed live @ various places & festivals alongside with many respectful artists such as :: Stefan Torto, Memphidos, Cabeiri, Fishimself, Max Million, Sesen, Vlastur & the magic H.U.V.A Network duo, Aes Dana & Solar Fields..
Their first releases was on early 2011 at Sentimony rec. in "Tempo Syndicate" later the same year in Ultimae's "Ambrosia". The first completed work came with the "Escape Life" EP released by Audio Aashram..

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