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Über mich

Well it first started when my Dad put those headphones on my head as a child. We had a studio & club at home where I had to help fix the house that turned into a monthly. I had a huge disco ball in my living room. You would find me in my dads studio facinated looking up at the giant 8-track reels & had my own high chair & records which I made my own mix tapes. My Aunt was also a Band manager for a band so I used to go with her to the band room. I used to spend my downtime time with a punk band. Music was & still is my life. Somehow I think thats how this started..........

I then moved to Florida to college @ The Art Institute Of Ft.Lauderdale. Used to frequent the local nightclubs - The Edge [befor The Chili Pepper],

Used to promote for most the DnB Nights in Florida back in 1999 - 2003. And still a strong supporter of my people to this day. They concider me as part of their.
- Ultra Music Festival [Full time promoter]
- Beatcamp[Marco Fabian - Influx Datum]
* I helped Marco with the promotions for the first WODNB in the US for Winter Music Conference - [2000-2002]. Thats where I met DJ SS / Formation.

- Evilbase/v1ram wmc - Mr.Mendez [my godfather of dnb in fla]
- Used to run around with both ELEMENT & REDCOAT /pretending to be another booking agent! (lol - ask them). Then PROJECT51 started with their friend Ryan GRIDLOK. The rest is history!!!

Left the scene for 3 years to work online & low & behold the first day to get near any event of the type I was used to....

1st Day in Toronto I was hired to work for.... [based on my reputation in miami]
Based on what you see what I've done.... some things once its meant to be does find you & its up to you to keep it going hence the beginning of growing everything I put my efforts I aim for better!

[Publicist / Web Marketing / Guestlists / Promoter - ex flyer monkey as well now i poster the internet so current web monkey :p]

[2007 - Present]

Formation records: [web admin]

I have a heart of GOLD giving to those that deserve the effort!

- Promoter for Theory Events & INK(Guvernment)
- Publicist for Drum & Bass Artists / Others

If I'm having a bad day & start acting like a Brat...
Give me 2 things:
Gummie Bears & The Prodigy makes me happy! :)

- I'm sweet... I smell fruity at times. My Humor is fruity! :p
- I like things sweet, so don't give me low.
- I don't like substitutes or anything fake ... Raw or none at all.
- I have too much energy for my damn good, but use it where it works! :)
- My Energy : Passion : Love for: Drum & Bass!!!

I work hard, don't play enough but know all efforts are yours so you better make it the best cause thats what I'm giving you!! ;)

My belief's:
You are what you put into anything...
Actions speak more than words...
I talk less cause I'm always busy, so I let my work speak most....
So hope you enjoy it as most as I enjoy even competing with my own efforts to do better to keep things going for you!! :)




Impressions are short based on the current output, rather than things produced on a continous effort & maintained last longer! ~ Suga-B

"Live your dreams instead of dreaming your life..."

"You're Only A Star once you work like one & keep progressing with each move made!" - me

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

"One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes."
- Andrew Wyeth

"Great thoughts come from the heart."
- Luc de Clapier

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."
- Charlotte Whitton

"Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself."
- Doris Lessing

"Even when you are at your lowest point, do not adopt an attitude of defeat. Concentrate on what lies ahead, never look back and remember: “ This too shall pass ”
~ RIP My Aunt "Saint" Juliette [Cancer free- August: 31st,2007]
AKA My Mentor: Band Manager, Publicist, Positive Influence, Workaholic, Strength, My 2nd mom ....Bless her forever in my heart!

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