Stoney Wagner, 18, Männlich, Vereinigte StaatenZuletzt gesehen: August 2009

3277 gespielte Titel seit 10. Jan. 2009

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Über mich

I am a musician who writes music, plays guitar, and plays Keyboard; and I guess I sing. I own a Fender Squire (Electric), which is the same as stratocaster, and a Johnson (Acoustic). I listen to Heavy metal, Rock and roll, Punk, and Hard rock. My favorite bands are Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, System of a down, Thrice, and Dream Theater. My favorite album is "Octavarium" from Dream theater. If you think all I'm talking about is music, It's because music is my life. I got the highest grade in my guitar class. If you read this whole thing, YOU WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!!! CLICK HERE CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!!

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