Cracklin', screamin', crispy velvet - a playlist.


28. Aug. 2007, 0:03

Here are dark songs; winter songs; bloody songs. Or something like that.

Diamanda Galás Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down
The Velvet Underground The Black Angel's Death Song
Popol Vuh Mantra 1
John Cale Heartbreak Hotel
Dr. John Loop Garoo
Nick Cave The Mercy Seat (Acoustic)
Diamanda Galás Let My People Go
Vanilla Fudge Season of the Witch
Dr. John Angola Anthem
Diamanda Galás See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Deep Purple Child in Time
Tricky Tattoo
Paul Giovanni Gently Johnny
Nico It Was a Pleasure Then
Comus Diana
Nico You Forgot To Answer
Devendra BanhartInsect Eyes
Lydia Lunch So Your Heart
Lydia Lunch Mechanical Flattery
Linda Perry/Grace Slick Knock Me Out
Skin (Swans) Blood On Your Hands


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