March Madness Thrashathon


28. Mär. 2010, 0:46


Alrighty, since I'm bored on a Saturday, here's my super duper fantastical penis touchdown review of the March Madness Thrashathon!

If you couldn't make it because you couldn't find the venue, stick a fork up your ass! Messaging DocMidnight(aka A Fucking Tyrannosaur aka vokillist of Lich King) went well, so I was able to procure an address to what looks like an abandoned warehouse, but then again, that's where all the good concerts take place, right?

Anyways, shit was awesome. After socializing with people who were wastes before Lich King, the opener even began tuning their equipment, we were treated to some fine Thrash Mayhem the best way it can be served: Sloppy and raw. Granted, the audience was a little small at that point, but grew larger later, so the "pit" wasn't much to speak of, but had there been a larger number there, the venue would be dust. Tom's comment on how they're the "Least thrashy looking band" and their humorous approach to thrash earns them a special place in my heart. Yes I just used Metal and Heart in a non-power metal way. Go screw.

Next up was Powerstance, a band with virtually no info on them, and with a look that would make you think they should be touring with Carnifex, but don't let that fool you, as their influences lie in the late 80s. because their blend of , , and got one audience member stomping back and forth like a rhino in a narrow cage. Trve Brvtal. The vocalist joined the mosh himself and even played a little human bowling, which was fun to watch. :D

Vulcan took over for Powerstance's sadly short set, and pretty much had the entire audience rushing up to the front to shout lyrics to their songs. Their underground status aside, if anyone can stir up an audience with pure unadulterated Thrash, it's Vulcan. Also, I think someone threw some weed to them upon request. Cue laughter.

When Witchaven stepped up, the audience had grown significantly. This led to... MORE BRUTAL PITS! Witchaven's set was a bit longer than the other bands', and their Black Thrash Assault was a beast to behold. With the vocalist summoning up a few beers between songs and sounding like an orc(is that his natural voice?), it was metal as fuck.

Hatchet is a talented act, fierce as fuck. They possessed a slightly more melodic take on Thrash, but don't run away yet! It was still just as ugly as the bands before it, albeit with a "Number of the Beast" bass tribute during the tuning period.. I spent most of Hatchet's set recovering at the merch stand, but they looked like they were putting a lot into their music. Thrash 'Til Death, lads.

The final act, Razormaze, was also great. Sadly, I couldn't stay for the whole show, and only could make two songs, but I managed to meet the Bassist and Drummer. Cool guys, both of them. Highly recommend you check 'em out.

And that's my review of this show. If you think you can do better, go to hell, punk! \,.|>.<|,./


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