11 August 2005 : Entry 7


11. Aug. 2005, 14:15

Every time I'm about to write off as nonsense the conspiracy theory that says that world events are actually being orchestrated by a secret group of right-wing, fascistic reptilian aliens, I look at a picture of Tim LaHaye (he of Left Behind cash-cow fame) and I think, damn, that dude looks like a fuckin' lizard. Seriously. Imagine him green, naked, and squatting next to a twig in a musty aquarium in some stoner's apartment.

Queued up for this morning, because what feels like a neat quarter of my brain has been precisely and chemically removed (OTC allergy medication) from my skull and placed 30,000 feet straight up:

-Broadcast - Live at Cafe de la Danse, Paris (Their performance here of Man Is Not a Bird is probably my favorite recording of one of my favorite songs - and, as a friend of mine pointed out, the music they play in between songs at this gig is taken directly from Wario Land 2 for the Game Boy)
-Decoder Ring - Triple J, Live at the Wireless (I figure when the antihistamine high peaks, this'll just be starting up)
-Light & Magic (soft & angular)


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