Another Descent into Vinyl Madness


15. Mai. 2010, 11:02

The time has come to deliver more delicious vinyl goodness. You can view previous vinyl whoring journals here and here.

Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh. Meant to be translucent yellow but sort of comes off as a lime green

Bloodbath - Breeding Death, etching side B

Constants - The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril on blue

Baroness - Red Album

Boris - Pink on marbled pink(!). Unfortunately the marbling doesn't come across in the photos :-(

Boris - Smile on Clear

Boris - Boris at Last - Feedbacker

Nadja/A Storm of Light - Primitive North on "Aurora Forge", side 4 etching

A Storm of Light - And We Wept the Black Ocean Within on white w/bluee haze+green w/white haze

A Storm of Light - Forgive Us Our Trespasses on some seriously funky jazz

EF - Mourning Good Morning

Nadja - Truth Becomes Death, side 4 etching

Nadja - Touched, side 4 etching

Skyforger - Thunderforge on red

This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain on marble purple splatter or something

Woe - A Spell for the Death of Man on red

Ocean - Here Where Nothing Grows on Brown w/white splatter+White w/brown splatter

Red Sparowes - Aphorisms on translucent orange

Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating but Therein Lies The Answer on clear

Häive - Mieli Maassa on red

Celtic Frost - Monotheist on gold w/sparse white marble

Russian Circles - Enter on grey w/black splatter

Russian Circles - Station on gold

Russian Circles - Geneva on clear

Mono - Holy Ground on 3xAwesome

Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death pic dics

And I'll end with this since I'm not fot fucking around with this one - here's 10 pics of Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar on light blue marble (sadly the marbling doesn't come out in the photos, but everything else is shit hot!)


  • julieelisabeth

    I dont know the bands but the vinylcovers are making me curious, was suprised to see Iron Maiden!

    15. Mai. 2010, 13:12
  • DarkMoS

    I love your colored vinyl collection, I'm just starting with mine :] So far I have -Nirvana Nevermind Blue, In Utero Yellow and unplugged Red -Solitude Aeturnus Adagio Silver and Alone Gold -Amesoeurs Night Sky Edition -Negura Bunget 'N crugu bradului Clear -Arckanum Þyrmir 7" Red -Rolling Stones Beggar Banquet Picture Disc -Rolo Tomassi Party Wounds 7" Blue Preorder: -Rolo Tomassi Cosmology in translucent blue, translucent purple/red and solid white/grey swirl (Need I say I love that band? ^^) -Last Witness Give up 7" in translucent white, translucent red and solid white/blue Now I fu**ing want your Nadja/A Storm of Light vinyls, they are beautiful ^^

    16. Mai. 2010, 20:46
  • sinimportancia

    Again.. Very beautiful collection

    7. Apr. 2011, 22:15
  • KapitaenPlatte

    Nice to see even one of our covers (EF)

    9. Nov. 2011, 19:11
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