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Christina PerriJar of Hearts Lieblingslied 1. Jul. 2011
Magnetic NorthMagnetic North Lieblingslied 1. Jul. 2011
태양Where U At Lieblingslied 1. Jul. 2011
BoaEat You Up Lieblingslied 21. Jun. 2011
Lenny WilliamsYou Got Me Running 21. Jun. 2011
PrinceWhen Doves Cry Lieblingslied 21. Jun. 2011
Franz LisztNo. 3 in D flat major, "Un Sospiro" 21. Jun. 2011
Donald LawrenceStranger 21. Jun. 2011
Lenny Williams'Cause I Love You Lieblingslied 21. Jun. 2011
edITCertified Air Raid Material Lieblingslied 21. Jun. 2011
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Hi there everyone! :D
I'm just your average girl trying to survive life I guess. :D Other than being kinda clumsy and having a rather dark or somewhat pessimistic outlook on life at times, I can be rather cheerful! I try to be at least~ Everyday of my life has been a blessing to God, and I try to live up to his expectations. I'm kinda too lazy to type some more so I suppose I'll leave it at that. Hopefully, there might be some new stuff up later!


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