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Über mich

Spökraket is a neo-psychedelic band from Århus, Denmark formed in 2010. Aiming to explore, experiment, jam, change and grow, both in the combined studio and practice room Cable Hell and on stage where the goal is giving a unique experience in the moment.

In short Spökraket presents a blend of krautrock, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia and the parts of various psychedelic music from around the world. They insist on a DIY-approach recording all their material on tape in the before-mentioned Cable Hell studio.
April 2011 Merlit left the Spökraket as his tinnitus had gotten worse from being in the band - the vocals was taken over by Højgaard.

As many other artists on last.fm Spökraket is having trouble uploading music to their profile. Until this problem is solved download or stream music from http://spoekraket.bandcamp.com


Bjørn Vind Abildtrup
guitars, keys, backing vocals, various
Jonathan Højgaard
guitars, vocals, various
Sinas Robin Krøjer Svendsen
Drums, backing vocals, various

Free downloads can be found at http://spoekraket.bandcamp.com - payment is optional, but will be greatly appreciated as we're currently working on a vinyl-release and have songs and ideas for several.

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