SUPPORT J-Zone - pimp of all pimps - best producer of 'em all .... just THE BOMB


13. Nov. 2008, 9:47

I don't know why so many people sleep when it comes to buying J-Zone albums. You should at least have ONE if your a Hip-Hop fan. But for me, I buy 'em all twice, the album, the singles and every merchandise I can find, so where's the Chief Chinchilla puppet ;-)!!! In my opinion there is NO OTHER rapper/producer rhyming that good and funny or producing on that level. And also, if there's such a thing as comedy rap he should be crowned, cause he's the KING. I still wonder why he's not million dollar heavy, waving his balls around his 20 bedroom mansion with 50 Ferraris in the garage.........

So check out his website: J-Zone - MySpace
AGAIN Buy his albums: @UndergroundHipHop
Or for europeans (like me): @HHV - HipHopVinyl

And OF COURSE get his new album with Chief Chinchilla:
Live @ the Liqua Sto

1 - Bein' A Menace
2 - A Message From E-Swift (Of Tha Alkaholiks)
3 - At The Bodega
4 - Real Man Drank (That Billy D)
5 - Mild Riot (Feat Al Shid)
6 - Can I Get A Sip?
7 - Madfu Message
8 - Facelift Malt
9 - No Mo' Cisco (Feat The Farmers Blvd Liqua Sto Quartet)
10 - Hillbilly Beer (Feat Jethro The Rappin Redneck)
11 - Hi-n-ergy!
12 - Town Bizne$$ (Feat Ambush)
13 - Callin' Earl
14 - Leave That Horse Alone! (Feat Louis Login & The Farmers Blvd Liqua Sto Quartet)
15 - O'douls Is For Fools!
16 - Calvin's Hard Lemonade (Feat Breeze Brewin Of The Juggaknots)
17 - Harden The F*ck Up!
18 - Zodiac
19 - 8 Ball Scratch
20 - Hey Mon Brew (Feat Creyesis Jamaican Mc)
21 - A Message From Prince Paul
22 - Bo$$ Hog Egg Nog (Feat Dick $Tallion)
23 - Pimp Potion (Feat Celph Titled)
24 - Project Paradise (Feat Poison Pen)
25 - Lindell The Wino
26 - Fall Down Brew (Feat RA The Rugged Man)
27 - Bigg Buzz Beer (Feat Crazy Dj Bazarro)
28 - The Piss Test
29 - Pour Out The Suds
30 - The Drug Song (Instrumental - Bonus Track)

And here's the single video:


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