• Spacelines- compiled by Sonic Boom

    19. Jul. 2006, 11:37

    If you don't have this compilation of tracks that informed and influenced Spacemen 3/ Spectrum, I highly recommend it. It covers a broad selection of stlyes, from the old to the modern. My picks are the fantasticly spacey blues of "Jucy Lucy" perfoming "Just one time" which is the original of "Mary Anne" and the storming one chord style stomper of "Psychic Hitlist Victim No 8" - by "Honolulu Mountain Daffodils"
  • Pink Floyd - Meddler

    16. Jul. 2006, 10:51

    A superb recording of Pink Floyd tracks . Recorded in 1971 by the BBC at the Paris cinema in London, for a John peel show in 1971.It was the first airing of the epic Echoes,and also featured great guitar work on Embyro by Dave Gilmour.This was the second session at the Paris cinema, the previous one from 1970 featured tracks from the Atom Heart Mother Period.
  • I just bought - Dead Kennedys

    14. Jul. 2006, 21:44

    Well bought again..I should say..Dead Kennedys-.1st album " Fresh Fruit for Rotting Veg" but this time on CD. Having the LP vinyl and all the singles on 7" that appear on CD.2 did not detere me. With my decks in storage, I cannot live without this brillant selection of tracks. " Fresh fruit " is an absolute killer album. Full of full-on articulate speedcore punk workouts which never fail to hit the nail right on the head. I have to admit that I had never really noticed the difference between the LP and 7" versions of " Holiday in Cambodia" but checkin; them out on this package revealed a marked difference in vocal perfomance, both very powerful, I'd hinge on the side of the album version. Well worth the entry price alone on CD2 is the b side of "Holiday in Cambodia" - "Police truck". Best punk band and album ever. T
    Police Truck
  • Syd Barrett- Long live the Piper

    11. Jul. 2006, 16:44

    Syd Barrett of The Pink Floyd died today, 11 July 2006. He brought a vision to music rarely equalled.
    His masterpiece was The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
    He also wrote some stunning singles for Pink Floyd, See Emily Play being the standout, and two wonderful solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett.Such a talent.
  • AFX- Chosen Lords

    28. Apr. 2006, 19:51

    Chosen Lords -AFX. Got the Cd. I had already bought the 11 Analord EPs on vinyl but have yet to hear them as my decks are in storage but, I hope they are better than this selection of trax on the CD. I mean its ok, very AFXy but lack a certain bite in melody , rhythmic density and playfulness that he has achieved in other output. Granted, the first and last trax are pretty good.
  • Children Of Nuggets- Has anyone got this

    27. Apr. 2006, 14:38

    Well I have , and it sure is a disappointment.
    Based on the same concept as the original "Nuggets -Artyfacts from the first psychedelic era" from the 60's this box set,( Brilliant ) this set- Children Of Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996)
    Thats 20 years of cool psychedelic/Garage rock music to choose from, so what is staggering is which is the bigger mistake, the bands they left off or the bands they put on?
    Who's missing - No.. Radio Birdman, The Saints, Wire, Spacemen 3, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Butthole Surfers, early Siouxsie and the Banshees,The Wylde Mammoths, The Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen, Loop, Flying Saucer Attack, Sonic Boom etc.

    What we get instead is alot of jangly pop from The Smithereens, Teenage Fanclub, Bangles,Inspiral Carpets, wrong era Primal Scream, That Petrol Emotion,Posies and the awful Stamey, Chris & The dBs.
    There are some good un's- The lime Spiders, Dukes Of Stratosphear , Julian Cope, Barracudas, rain Parade, Opal, Hoodoo Gurus, Cramps, Lyres, Green Telescope etc

    Now I knew when I bought this, that some of it would be rubbish ...but most of it ? Some of this stuff reminds me of Lloyd Cole or even The Shop Assistants. It is so wet and in no way connected to the spirit of Garage punk let alone PSYCH. It takes a lot more than a fey bowl haircut, some jangly rickenbackers and your girfriend getting value out of her pre-pubescent piano lessons on farfisa to wig out. I want full on Fender Stratocasters fed through a ton of Fx with a demented vocalist.
    Interestingly it says in the liner notes, that "Nuggets the third generation" may feature modern heroes like The White Stripes or Warlocks but at this rate we'll get Travis.

    Da Spaceman
  • 20 releases that have shaped the last 25 years.

    18. Apr. 2006, 15:10

    Here is a list of 20 essential releases from 1981 - 2006. It is not necessarily my top 20 of all time, that would have meant a repetition of artists,and been much harder to compile.
    It is therefore an overview that tries to reflect a range of influence.

    ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Heaven Up Here
    THE SMITHS - The Smiths
    SPACEMEN 3 - The Perfect Prescription
    PUBLIC ENEMY - Fear of a Black Planet
    CARL CRAIG - Psyche EP
    JULIAN COPE - Peggy Suicide
    STONE ROSES - Stone Roses
    THE BLACK DOG - Bytes
    POLYGON WINDOW - Surfing On Sinewaves
    RELOAD - Short Stories
    JOY DIVISION - Les Bains Douches
    NO U TURN - Torque
    RADIOHEAD - OK Computer
    JOEY BELTRAM - Classics
    NEW ORDER - Technique
    UZIQ - Bluff Limbo
    ROBERT HOOD - Internal Empire
    AUTECHRE - Incanabula
  • Digital Dilema-Online music stores, DRM and mp3's

    18. Apr. 2006, 13:25

    The dawn of the digital age brought with it an incredible advance in audio quality,and the ability to duplicate, manipulate and distribute audio.
    No more crackly LPs, no more generation loss from cassette to cassette. Hurrah we all said. Digital was all about the quality.

    The first cracks in the digital domain, in relation to audio appeared when experts began to question whether the sample rate of 44.1khz was high enough. I love it when people question the status quo and push for improvement. What about 96khz with 20 bit resolution?
    Oh the heady days of promise. The reality in the 21st century - An audio market place flooded with compressed audio in the shape of mp3's .wma's etc.
    To add insult to injury- record companies see fit to embed tracks that you have purchased with DRM ( digital Rights management )This restricts what you can do with the tracks you have bought.

    So now we have a situation, which is becoming the norm, where we purchase inferior compressed audio and we can't do what we like with it?
    Who does this suit best- well the record industry of course.
    Their argument would be that it is only right to protect their artists from piracy, and that seems fair , but let me raise a couple of points.
    First off CD's have been around a long time now and are of better quality, and do not have DRM attached to them , and during that period I haven't noticed too many record execs struggling.
    DRM only seems to hinder the average punter and not large scale piracy in the black market.
    What is being peddled as convenience, is perhaps the greatest global rip off ever.We are being overcharged for what is obviously an inferior product.I like convenience as much as anyone but i don't like been taken for a ride.
    Another argument put forward by the music industry is that when you purchase a piece of music, like a Cd, who do not own it, you just own the physical object, not the music, intellectual rights etc. A fair point, but why is it then, if I buy a Cd that I already purchased on vinyl years back, that I have to pay again for copyright,publishing or whatever the overhead is outside of the cost of the "physical" object.
    Makes me want to burn more than just Cds.