Soylence's top 10 albums of 2009


24. Dez. 2009, 8:37

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10. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion

Genres: psychedelic, indie pop, critic bait
Choice tracks: “Brothersport”, “Lion in a Coma”, “Summertime Clothes”
Commentary: How many licks does it take to get to the center of the hype critics built up around this album? The world may never know.

9. The BPA - I Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Genres: big beat, alternatronica, dance-rock
Choice tracks: “Toe Jam”, “So It Goes”, “Seattle”
Commentary: The sweetness of this album is only outmatched by the boy I made out with while listening to it.

8. Datarock - Red

Genres: new wave, indietronica, dance-rock
Choice tracks: “True Stories”, “The Pretender”, “Give It Up”
Commentary: I’m a sucker for 80s revivalism in all its forms, and I can tell this band is as in love with the 80s as I am.

7. Discovery - LP

Genres: electropop, R&B, indie
Choice tracks: “Can You Discover?”, “Osaka Loop Line”, “So Insane”
Commentary: Indie, the whitest genre of music possible, expands its cultural imperialism to R&B. The results are pretty damn good.

6. Franz Ferdinand - Tonight

Genres: dance-rock, indie rock, post-punk revival
Choice tracks: “Can‘t Stop Feeling”, “No You Girls”, “Bite Hard”
Commentary: The Arctic Monkeys may have lost their way, but their pals Franz Ferdinand made up for it. They really put the dance in dance-rock.

5. Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Genres: dance-rock, indie pop, vaguely electronic
Choice tracks: “1901”, “Armistice”, “Lisztomania”
Commentary: These renowned French hipsters have made a record not quite as canonical as #10, but certainly more appealing to my aesthetic sensibilities.

4. Morrissey - Years of Refusal

Genres: alternative rock, miserablism, god among men
Choice tracks: “Something Is Squeezing My Skull”, “I‘m OK By Myself”, “Black Cloud”
Commentary: Q: What do you call it when my favorite British has-been releases his best album in 15 years? A: Number four on this list.

3. La Roux - La Roux

Genres: synthpop, electropop, dance-pop
Choice tracks: “Tigerlily”, “In For The Kill”, “Bulletproof”
Commentary: Is it just me or do the record-buying British public have much better taste than Americans do?

2. Pet Shop Boys - Yes

Genres: synthpop, dance-pop, gods among men
Choice tracks: “More than a dream”, “Did you see me coming?”, “All over the world”
Commentary: Q: What do you call it when my favorite British has-beens release their best album in 15 years? A: Number TWO on this list.

1. Passion Pit - Manners

Genres: synthpop, indie pop, no way that’s a guy singing
Choice tracks: “The Reeling”, “Moth‘s Wings”, “Sleepyhead”
Commentary: Maybe I’m a sucker for falsetto vocals, but damned if these guys can’t write the best pop songs. The best 2009 has to offer.

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