Lacuna Coil, Dirty Little Rabbits


8. Feb. 2010, 21:15

Thu 4 Feb – Shallow Life Tour

I should tweet this, but having resisted the lure of Twitter, consider this a 'quack' instead (ie: louder and longer):

DRL - less intense than his day job, this side project of #6, Shawn Crahan, is pretty damn good and not quite what I was expecting. Quirkily alternative, darkly suggestive and not a world away from Human Waste Project this teases and tugs in equal measures and is well worth a listen. A solid Plan B away from the 'knot.

Lacuna Coil, on the other hand, left me feeling a little bit weird. I like the band, I like their music, but tonight there was something missing and it wasn't just bassist Marco. It's not that they didn't perform, nothing of the sort, but personally, the sound and picture seemed out of sync and the passion seemed to dissipate when I was expecting it to hit me like a power-up. It was like the fuse had burnt down, but the explosion just didn't happen. Even outside the venue afterwards there just didn't seem to be a buzz on which you usually get at a gig like this. A good show? Certainly. Memorable? Not really. Surprised? Yes, damn it! Maybe they just caught me on a bad night...


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