Plastic Soul


2. Okt. 2006, 21:36

Ever since David Bowie introduced his character the Thin White Duke in 1976 there has always been this white plastic soul music hovering around the outskirts of the music scene. Much of the great music throughout the 80's appealed to this pop soul genre and became more and more interesting as it was combined with an almost transgendered air with bands like the Culture Club, Erasure, and General Public. These kinds of bands, particularly the European ones, came to be known as part of the New Romantic movement. One of my favorite bands from that era is ABC when you hear this euro-pop, glammy band tinvoking the name Smokey Robinson you can't help smiling at the fact that they are nothing like the music they seek to emulate. Instead something different and enjoyable in its own right is created. Check out Be Near Me, Tenderness, A Little Respect, True


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