Ion Dissonance


6. Sep. 2005, 19:46

Their new release Solace sounds great. I encourage all of you to give it a try. If you like Breathing is Irrelevant, you are going to love this new one.
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Math Metal, Team Chaos, MetalCore


  • AndyChrz

    I looked in two music stores and couldn't find it. I was more excited about this album that almost any other this year. PISSED me off. I'll look again soon.

    8. Sep. 2005, 22:55
  • SomethingLesser

    Well said. I believe this band has grown significantly with this new release.

    8. Sep. 2005, 23:53
  • samhandwich

    Um, I like. Totally agree!! Lol. Omg.

    9. Sep. 2005, 3:25
  • Nicky Tos

    Their old releases were very powerful. I'm looking forward to the new one. But it's so hard to find Ion's stuff in Russia ='((

    10. Sep. 2005, 5:30
  • squib

    Solace is awesome!!! In my opinion just as good as Breathing is Irrelevant, with a nice production this time around. It'll make you wanna, yknow, hit stuff.

    11. Sep. 2005, 5:00
  • AndyChrz

    Finally picked it up. I'm having a hard time figuring out if it's better than their first... which was amazing. I dunno! I'll just say that i love both. Crazy stuff.

    22. Sep. 2005, 23:43
  • SomethingLesser

    Glad you finally got it. I like the newer one more though because it has a lot of breakdowns, some relly creative riffs, and the vocals are a bit clearer.

    23. Sep. 2005, 18:43
  • thanexor

    anyone have it and wanna send it to me?

    29. Sep. 2005, 2:33
  • InfectedPsyche

    I agree..this album slays.

    5. Okt. 2005, 21:11
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