The Indelicates @ Babalu Munich, 26.04.2008


26. Apr. 2008, 23:04

So I went to see The Indelicates at the Babalu Club in Munich, a tiny cellar club with maybe 50 people in it, today. Well, actually, I went yesterday, because it's, now that I came home, a quarter to one in the morning already, so it's technically Sunday. But enough of such details.

I went, as usual, alone because all my friends have no good taste in music and thus declined to come with me. Admission was at 9 p.m., so I went there in time for half past nine, guessing it would give me enough time any way. I was right, it 3ave me so much time in fact that I was, as far as I could tell, the only loser without friends, standing around for half an hour, staring at random people because I knew noone and I really hate simply talking to strangers. That's not true tho, I like talking to strangers. I just resent doing it to people who are already talking and have company they brought themselves to enjoy.

Show started a little after 10 pm with a band called "Ruby Sea". They played some nice rock, which reminded me of different bands I like, depending on the song. Unfortunately for them, their singer liked to scream into his microphone several times, ruining perfectly good songs with annoying out-of-place-screaming. I wonder, if they sound better on CD, I will have to find out. Can't hurt to do so...

The Indelicates entered stage a little after 11 pm, starting off with The Last Significant Statement to Be Made in Rock'n'Roll, followed by Sixteen and my personal favorite from American Demo, America. They played almost all tracks from the album, amongst them my other favorite, Our Daughters Will Never Be Free. They also played a couple of non-album songs, like Waiting for Pete Doherty to Die and my all-time favorite song by them, Vladimir (My memory is a sieve though and I can't recall all songs they played, if you know them, please tell me).

Judging this concert is quite easy, it's one of the best I ever saw. The band is funny on stage (and the stage was quite near to the audience), making jokes and enjoying themselves. Simon did some great impressions, trying to sing like Bob Dylan and others while performing Heroin. Julia did a great show as well and the guitar player behind her did a funny show and made people laugh.
Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. The show lasted only a little more than an hour, although that's owed to the fact that they really don't have songs for two hours yet. The volume was much louder than with the support band, which is the reason I think I hear less than I did before the concert. Also, the interaction with the audience could have been better, for example the final part of Vladimir would be perfect for the audience to sing along, as it's only "All Hail Vladimir" repeated all the time. It's the audience fault as well tho, I rarely have seen an audience that lost interest in clapping along so quickly.

Final thoughts: Simon sounds live much better than he does on CD, although still not as good as Julia.
Final final thoughts: A great concert, if you can, go and see them live!


  • antondd

    Mh. Nice concert and all in all a nice article. But there are 2 mistakes I just can't let uncommented: - Simon was not imitating Bob Marley, but the other Bob. Bob Dylan. And Tom Waits and Nick Cave too. Quite different to Marley... - the bassist behind her did a funny show and made people laugh: this guy was the guitar player. The other girl had the bass. Ok, not really important at all, anyway... Yeah, I liked the gig. And yes, the audience could have danced a bit more. I don't know, saw until now only a couple of shows in Munich, and always the crowd was kind of lazy. I hope it's just a wrong 1st impression...

    27. Apr. 2008, 11:41
  • SoWhyX

    Thanks for the corrections, I gather I shouldn't write these things at 1 am anymore^^

    27. Apr. 2008, 11:43
  • Infra-Pop

    hi, ich antworte einfach mal auf deutsch *lach* ah ich hatte glück und stand direkt vor ihnen. und diwe du schon sagtest, großartige show und großartige künstler und vor allem tolle performer. der al tats mir echt an mit seinem rumgespringe. wobei seine blicke einem richtig angst amchen konnten *lach* war für mich ebenfalls eines der besten konzerte seit langem und überhaupt. mh aber denke es waren doch schon etwas mehr als nur rund 50 leute.

    27. Apr. 2008, 16:53
  • mimusha

    cheers for the reports, glad you had fun! Hope I will see them sometime soon (although not on this tour, unfortunately)

    27. Apr. 2008, 17:07
  • SoWhyX

    @Infra-Pop: Hehe, die Blicke waren ziemlich strange, stimmt schon. Mehr als 50 Leute? Hmm, kann sein, ich bin leider kein guter Schätzer. Aber viel mehr können da auch nicht reingepasst haben oder? oO

    27. Apr. 2008, 17:11
  • Miss-Handlung

    ich fands auch toll. hatte nicht erwartet dass es so gut wird. julia ohne schuhe, die glitzerkonfettipistole, der starrende gitarrist und die bassistin die irgendwie zum teil gelangweilt aussah XD ich glaube auch dass das mehr als 50 waren. aber ich fands auch gut dass es in so einem kleinen club war anders hätte es nicht so gut gewirkt.

    27. Apr. 2008, 17:29
  • LucieAndCo

    He did the impressions in Munich as well? I thought they'd been a special treat for Cologne ;_; Anyhow, sounds fantastic! Assuming that the setlist will have been the same on every show of the current tour, it would've been something like this: [size=7]New Art theme The Last Significant Statement to Be Made in Rock'n'Roll Sixteen America Stars New Art for the People Breaking the Law (Judas Priest)/Fun Is for the Feeble-Minded Unity Mitford Julia, We Don't Live in the 60s Vladimir Our Daughters Will Never Be Free (encore) Waiting for Pete Doherty to Die Heroin We Hate the Kids (possible second encore) Burn All the Photographs[/size] Sounds plausible?

    28. Apr. 2008, 15:54
  • thafranz

    @ Lucie: He did the impression in Hamburg as well... let's say he gotta sound like that while recovering from his flu @ miss: Kate always looks so bored but plays the second greatest bass sound in the world!!! @sowhyx: thx for the blog, thx for joining the Indelicates group and it's a shame you don't live closer, cause the problem with friends who have no musical taste sounds very familiar to me!

    29. Apr. 2008, 11:09
  • SoWhyX

    @thafranz: Well, in that case we should make it our mission, each for him-/herself to convert people and change their taste ^^

    29. Apr. 2008, 11:13
  • allremovables

    Small venues are great places to see the band, but the audience is often appallingly lazy/pretentiously self-conscious. I've seen The Indelicates a couple of times in venues like the one you describe, and yeah, crowd interaction isn't always great but hopefully when more people get into them and they get bigger venues their confidence will grow? I'm so jealous they played Vladimir and Our Daughters Will Never Be Free...haven't seen them since the album came out. I guess we're not going to agree on Simon's voice, but I feel your pain re: friends with bad taste. :)

    8. Jul. 2008, 15:33
  • SoWhyX

    At least you share with me the friends with bad taste, if not my opinion on Simon's voice. But still I feel the need to point out that it's very good, but just not as good as Julia's. She is like 100% and he is like 95% so to speak^^

    8. Jul. 2008, 15:36
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