• Last contribution

    3. Sep. 2009, 11:45

    Yes this entry will be my last on Last Fm, cause I don't have the time to write here.

    However, for Swedish fans, I have started a blogg that focus on Progressive music. The adress:


    Note that I only write in Swedish on this site!

    Well have a nice day/week/life and all!
  • Dream Theaters Black Clouds & Silver Linings

    6. Jul. 2009, 8:56

    Now almost two weeks after the release of this little pearl, its time for me to write about my experience with the album, with a break down of all tracks inclusive covers. Since the instrumental versions are the same songs without lyrics I don't really see the need to write about them either, I prefer James voice than not.

    Black Clouds & Silver Linings are an intresting album, it contains some of the heavier stuff that stands for modern Dream Theater, but are also a very progressive album. As I love both the progressive and metal side of Dream Theater, I think I enjoy this album a bit more than someone that just like the progressive or the metal aspect of the band (old school vs new DT fans).

    Well then time for the song breakdown.

    A Nightmare to Remember

    Wow, this is a killer opener of the album. Some of Portonys coolest double bass ever, sounds so crazy! Then the riff before first lyrics from Petrucci sets the mode that this will be a hell of a ride.

    The lyrics are about a car crash when Petrucci was young. The first times I heard the song I had NO idea that was the case cause it took a while before I could figure out the lyrics, and that's just good cause I don't like simple too figure out lyrics.

    The song have a mellow part in the middle, where I agree with many that this is one of the best part of music the band have written in many years, Beutiful lyrics and music for sure. But it really like how this song is progressive and change back to be more metal again, and then Portnoy's vocals... I kinda like it, but the scream at the end sounds like "nooo everybody made it" :s Nothing more to say really than yes, Mike can play blast beats :P

    A Rite of Passage

    The single of the album, and this albums Pull Me Under... no it's not nearly as good. It doesn't feel that progressive, more like a strait forward metal song. At least the lyrics about Freemasonry are cool.

    Petrucci does some seriosly shredding on this track, but I feel it's kinda overkill in the solo. And about overkill, Rudess solo that sounds like something from a NES console, that must be some of the worst things DT have ever pulled out. At first I thougt it was kind of cool but now it just irritates me.


    The ballad of the album, with lyrics about writer's block that I guess every author or song writer have experinced at least once. A song some can relate to but most of us don't really give a damn. But it's still good lyrics.

    Can't say much about the music on this one. It work's with the lyrics but nothing stands out, but it was kinda nice to hear the band doing something much slower on this album.

    The Shattered Fortress

    The epic finale of the 12 step suit that began with The Glass Prison, and was followed by This Dying Soul, The Root of All Evil and Repentance. This track was the one I really looked forward to, especially since I was kinda disappointed of Repentance.

    Sure it's just a 95% mash up of all the other 12 step suit songs except for the beginning and the end of the song, but I think the band does it really good. It's a showcase of all the awesome part of music they have preformed on the last albums. To hear a really good riff from The Glass Prison or a vocal line from The Root of All Evil still gives me a shiver down my spine. And I get a sad feeling when the beginning of The Glass prison ends and fades away, that's the end of one of the best pieces of music ever!

    The Best of Times

    Alright, this is without a doubt my favorite track of the album. It's kinda strange that I get so emotional attached to it, especially since I haven't lost my father. But i still understand what Portnoy have gone trough and kinda fear the time I will go trough it myself. Feels kinda good that I can listen to this song then at least and get some comfort.

    The best thing beside the sad and emotional lyrics are that this is more of a declaration of good time spent with his father than a mourning song (of course the later part of the song are more of that character, but still...). LaBrie does some really good singing which help to set a more emotional mode and Petrucci finish the song with one of his best solos ever.

    RIP Howard Portnoy

    The Count of Tuscany

    The last track and epic song of the album, and wow what an awesome ending of a great album! I remember my curiosity about the songs name, and what the hell would it be about and sound like. The final result was nothing like I had imagined, but that's good cause it's a much better song than I thought!

    Apparently Petucci was on a vacation in Italy and meet a "young and eccentric man" who we now all know as the count. Petrucci had some bad experience with this guy and his brother, which inspired him to write this song. How much of the songs lyrics that are true, well we will never know. At first I thought the lyrics was just plain stupid, but every time I hear the song I get more and more into them. A very nice song to sing along with, especially the "Let me introduce, MY BROTHER" part.

    The music really fits the song, and helps the song being so much more epic. The intro and ending helps to really build up this epic feeling, while the verse parts sounds much more strait forward metal. The only thing about the song that I don't like is the four minute long breakdown, it's just to darn long.

    I don't have that much to say about the covers, I like them all. My favorites are the Queen [/artist ]medley of Tenement Funster / Flick Of The Wrist / Lily Of The Valley and Zebras Take Your Fingers From My Hair

    Closing comments:

    Wow what a good record this is. This is sure a grower, you have to listen to it many times before you accept every aspect of the album. And I really got surprised about how good LaBrie still sounds, especially on the covers!

    BCASL is now my favorite album of this decade, and puts Systematic Chaos down from the 4th spot of my Dream Theater albums list (if anybody cares, it goes like this):

    Images and Words
    Scenes From a Memory
    Black Clouds & Silver Linings
    Systematic Chaos
    Train of Thought
    Six Degree Of Inner Turbulence
    Falling Into Infinity
    When Dream And Day Unite

    BCASL is a staple of the old progressive and modern metal Dream Theater. The band sound as good as ever, and I have great hope for the future!
  • It's been a while...(top 50 artists)

    27. Mai. 2009, 15:39

    ... since I last wrote here. Well some stuff have happen in my musical world. I have started to make a real top 50 artist list, which can be seen on my list. Now I'm trying to make them with about 25-50 scrobbles between them so one artist doesn't jump up too high in the charts if I listen to them some more... pretty unnecessary I know, but when your addicted to Last Fm, you do this kinda lame things xD My list will be something like this:

    Led Zeppelin
    The Who
    Dream Theater
    Pink Floyd
    Deep Purple
    Iron Maiden
    Van Halen
    Fates Warning
    Iced Earth
    Judas Priest
    Pain of Salvation
    Symphony X
    Black Sabbath
    The Doors
    Liquid Tension Experiment
    Blind Guardian
    Sun Caged
    Spock's Beard
    Jimi Hendrix
    Fleetwood Mac
    The White Stripes
    Shadow Gallery
    Porcupine Tree
    Pagans Mind
    Neal Morse
    Frank Zappa

    I have tried to make the list based on many factors why a artist have their chart on the list, like how long I have listen and liked the artist, number of songs I really love, in reality to the other bands, and other stuff. Sometimes I realize that a artist is way to high charted (or the other way around) and have to rearrange some in the list, that's kinda annoying -_-

    This little project will take about 4-5 weeks of scrobbles to complete, so the only other time I have for listening to my other 250+ artists are on my Ipod when I travel, and that doesn't happen to often sadly :/

    Yeah enough of that, but then... I don't have so much else to write about xD Some cool cd's have been released this year up to now, especially the leak of DT's Black Clouds & Silver Linings which is now my forth favorite DT album (after I&W, SFAM and Awake) and is clearly better than SC. But I won't write any more about it until 31th June when I will write my half year report of the albums that have been released/leaked then and my oppinions about them :)

    Rock on!
  • Priest Feast @ Globen, Stockholm

    1. Mär. 2009, 15:11

    lör 28 feb – Priest Feast

    Testament: Well I haven't listen that much to this band, so I was kinda indifferent about them... until they began their first song. Man I got totally blown away by their performance, they sounded really trash even with their latest release The Formation Of Damnation, the title track was played and I really enjoyed it together with the other song (I only remembered Souls of Black and Practice What You Preach). A very good opener overall, good sound and the band was great, Chuck Billy is such a... big guy xD (Can't remember setlist)

    Megadeth: I couldn't watch their concert at Fryshuset last year, so I was glad to get a new chance. Nice opener with Sleepwalker (one of my fav songs with the band), songs that you expected (Symphony, Peace Sells), personal favorites (In My Darkest Hour) and some songs that was a bit unexpected but cool nerveless (Take No Prisoners, Sweating Bullets). This was maybe the best performance this evening, and I hope I get to see them soon again, touring with their new upcoming album :)

    Wake Up Dead
    Take No Prisoners
    A Tout le Monde
    Skin O' My Teeth
    In My Darkest Hour
    Symphony of Destruction
    Sweating Bullets
    Hangar 18
    Peace Sells

    Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

    Judas Priest: The headliner was really good, but some things could have been better. The bass was WAY to high (especially the double bass drums that sometime disturbed Halfords voice), and the setlist have been used for all concerts since last year (even if this was my first Priest concert, I wanted to be surprised). But still, it was a good mix of classics and songs I hadn't heard that much. Strange that it was so few songs from Nostradamus, I really like that album. And I thought Halford did a good job with the vocals (even if he looked tired time to time).

    Overall, it was a good concert package with tree really good metal bands. Might be the last time Priest tour around here, but I hope not cause I wanna see them at least one more time :D

    Dawn of Creation
    Metal Gods
    Eat Me Alive
    Between The Hammer And The Anvil
    Devil's Child
    Breaking the Law
    Hell Patrol
    Dissident Aggressor
    The Hellion / Electric Eye
    Rock Hard, Ride Free

    Hell Bent for Leather
    The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Prong Crown)
    You've Got Another Thing Comin'
  • My first year with Last Fm

    28. Jan. 2009, 12:07

    Yeah, more like 1 year and 3 days but whatever. I don't even remember how I one day just stumbled upon (I guess that's my closest guess) this site, and realized that this place could show the world my superior taste in music. Cause that's what's this site is all about right, to show your superior taste and it's really better than anyone else. Fuck the radio, show tips and making new friends, and definitely not to be able to discover new awesome bands.... J-O-K-E :D

    My first year here have been very interesting. 2008 was musically for me a year of discovery, I have never discovered so many bands that I listen too now, some new, some old. I have also discarded a great bit of music from my computer, when i realized that I listen to around 500 bands, and that was just too freaking much (it's hard to get around 300 bands time to listen too). I think I now have enough artists to show the world my kinda closed but still diverse taste in music.

    In 2009, I guess I will just continue to scrobble music, but maybe not as much as when I was most crazy with Last Fm in late spring/summer 2008. Now I have a good top 50 list in both artist, songs and albums which I really believe is my favorites (but they can absolutely change :P).

    Of the bands I discovered in 2008, those are among my new favorites:

    Circus Maximus
    Kingston Wall
    Pagan's Mind
    Vanden Plas

    (I haven't listed bands that I rediscovered, like Kansas, Foreigner or Frank Zappa)

    The best concert of the year... well that's gotta be Iron Maiden or Dio. Both had really good set lists and put on a hell of a show!

    Rock on!
  • Opeth @ Debaser Medis 2008-12-18

    19. Dez. 2008, 20:13

    tors 18 dec – Opeth, Cynic, The Ocean

    The Ocean: I had only heard a few songs from this band before, and it wasn't anything special IMO. And the band live... wasn't anything special either. Kinda uninspiring, and I couldn't relate or feel for the music at all. They didn't get much response from the public either. But I guess it would be fun for them if they got a new fan or two from the gig.

    Cynic: This was my main reason for even attending this concert, I mean, how big is the chance to see one of the most influential bands in progressive metal in Sweden? And they where really tight and preformed well, almost too well. Shame that Sean Melone couldn't attend this tour, but the new basist wasn't bad. They played songs from both Focus and Traced in Air, some of my favorits like Veil of Maya, Adam's Murmur and Integral Birth.

    Opeth: Man, they hade the best sound I have ever heard at a concert before. I thought I would go home with ringing in my ears for days, but I didn't even need ear protection for their show!

    Sad for Mike that he was sick, but he delivered on both vocal fronts, and the band sounded really great. The setlist was rather different from the other gigs on this tour, which I presumed cause it was the last gig after all. Sadly, non of my own personal favorites where played (The Moor, Ghost of Perdition, Death Whisper A Lullaby), but most of the songs (execpt for The Night And The Silent Water cause I can't listen to the first two Opeth records) where really great!

    Heir Apparent
    Baying of the Hounds
    Serenity Painted Death
    The Lotus Eater
    To Rid the Disease
    The Night and the Silent Water

    This was my first live experience with Opeth, and I will try to see them again next year, hope they will have a new nice setlist and keep their awesome sound!
  • Those stupid lists part III: Dream Theater

    9. Nov. 2008, 11:59

    Yes, another boring day and another stupid list. This time, one of my absolute top 3 favorit band will be ranked. And it is yet again a pain in the ass to rank the albums and songs. I love all of the DT album, they have their own strengths and weaknesses, but is overall wonderful! And no I don't count A Change Of Seasons as an album on my list, it's an EP!

    When Dream And Day Unite

    Their debut is solid, that's for sure. While the sound quality isn't up to date, what can you expect from a debut band from the 80's? Some of the newer fans have hard time do digest Charlie Dominci's voice, but I love it (and was glad that he made a own band a couple of years ago and made the awesome 02 A Trilogy concept albums).

    The songs are of mixed quality. While I love Afterlife (almost a top ten song), The Yste Jam and Only A Matter Of Time, other songs like Status Seeker and The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun don't get that my attention from my side. But overall, it's a solid debut album.

    Best Song: Afterlife

    Falling Into Infinity

    Ranked by many as their worst album, and all to commercial sounding. Sure, DT had a rough time putting together this album with new record deals/studio whatsoever, but it's neither too commercial sounding or "bad". I mean, you can't expect songs like Trial of Tears or Lines In The Sand to be hits on radio/MTV (neither Just Let Me Breath :P). But well they tried with Hollow Years but... that didn't go too well. And I still haven't got over Anna Lee, sorry LaBrie :(

    Best Song: Trial of Tears

    Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

    From here on, the raking get's even harder. I can't really come up with any really good arguments why SDOIT is so "low" on my list. The Glass Prison is so freaking hard, Blind Faith is a mellow tune that I love, and the epic SDOIT song is... long and... good! But maybe I expect something more from the album, I don't really know.

    Best Song: The Glass Prison


    A album for the die hard fans, theirs SO many references on this album. The Root of All Evil is one of their best opening songs ever (both studio and live), Panic Attack is so awesome metal, and it ends with the epic title track that amazes me every time I hear it.

    The only song that I dislike a bit more than the rest is This Walls, never got into it. I neither get hurt by Portnoys fan basing on Never Enough (cause I'm not one of them), or think that I Walk Beside You is a bad wannabe-Coldplay track (I'm kinda surprised that they didn't released it as a single though).

    Best Song: Octavarium

    Train of Thought

    The first Dream Theater I heard, must be a couple of months after it was released. Back then, the hardest band I listened to was Iron Maiden (and I could barely listen to that), so I quickly turned of the cd and didn't listen to more Dream Theater until February 2007 when a friend made me rediscover the band, and since them I love the band!

    And well, this is by far their most Metal sounding album. But I think it's also a very progressive album, even though the opener As I Am doesn't sound like one. I just love the brutal feeling you get from songs like This Dying Soul and Honor Thy Father, Stream of Consciousness is one of the best instrumental songs ever, and Endless Sacrifice is both progressive, metal sounding and have touching lyrics... but couldn't they have skipped that filler track Vacant?

    Best Song: Endless Sacrifice


    Many might wonder why this isn't higher on my list. Sure, It's one of their best, but It didn't have the same impact on me as the top 3 albums had. But almost every song on this album is a masterpiece, like the A Mind Beside Itself suite, The Mirror and Scarred.

    I hope the band play the whole album next year like they did with WDADU and IAW to calibrate it's 15th birthday, and get Kevin Moore to preform Space-Dye Vest for the first time ever!

    Best Song: The Mirror

    Scenes From A Memory:

    Their only real concept album, and it's one of the best ever! A really interesting tale that is based on their Metropolis part 1 song, how cool isn't it to base a whole album from one song? Sure their is some tracks that could been classed as filler, but they just build up so the next song will be better!

    The Spirit Carries On was the song that really got me into the band, it has such a nice Pink Floyd feeling about it (and i LOVE Pink Floyd 8D).

    Best Song: The Spirit Carries On

    Systematic Chaos

    I saw you thinking "WTF MAN ARE YOU INSANE" when you read it. Yep, I rank SC as my second favorite Dream Theater album. Why? Because it was the first new DT album I listened to back in may last year, and man it really blow me away. Far more heavy and progressive than ToT, the album have such epic feeling about it, espacially the opening and ending In The Presence of Enemies.

    The first track however that I really started to listen to was Constant Motion, it have a special place in my heart. But now days, I consider The Ministry of Lost Souls to be the best track of the album, it's a really progressive track, and so sad lyrics.

    Best Song: The Ministry Of Lost Souls

    Images and Words

    Many would have put SFAM or Awake here, but for me, this is their true masterpiece. I love every song on the album, from the opener Pull Me Under to the Myung written Learning to Live (man he need to write more lyrics). Sure, the drums sounds a bit odd and I would love a new mix like the tracks from the GH album, but I can take that.

    Best Song: Pull Me Under

    and now, the top ten song list (and man it was HARD to choose the songs)

    Pull Me Under
    A Change of Seasons
    The Ministry Of Lost Souls
    Endless Sacrifice
    Metropolis Part I: The Miracle and the Sleeper
    Trial Of Tears: It's Raining / Deep In Heaven / The Wasteland
    The Spirit Carries On
    The Mirror
    Stream Of Consciousness
    Constant Motion
  • Those stupid lists part II: Rush

    7. Nov. 2008, 13:05

    This list will be a lot harder to complete, cause I haven't give all of the Rush album that much attention. But that might be a sign, some albums are just to boring with only a couple of songs that stands out and so forth. This time I'm not in the mood to write about the albums, I'm just gonna do a list.

    A Farewell to Kings
    Caress of Steel
    Permanent Waves
    Moving Pictures
    Fly by Night
    Snakes And Arrows
    Grace Under Pressure
    Power Windows
    Vapor Trails
    Test for Echo
    Roll the Bones
    Hold Your Fire

    As you can see, I'm most into the 70's progressive era, and dislike the 90's period (but the albums are good anyway with some nice songs). On many Rush lists, I have seen that the debut album is LOW on the charts, maybe cause they sound more like a hard rock band like Zeppelin, and the lyrics isn't written by Peart. But I enjoy that record anyway (maybe because I LOVE Zeppelin xD). Caress of Steel is another record that doesn't get the attention it deserves, The Fountain of Lamneth is one of their best and epic songs!

    And now for the top ten songs list:

    Cygnus X-1 Book One-The Voyage Prologue
    The Fountain of Lamneth
    Jacob's Ladder
    By-Tor & the Snow Dog
    Tom Sawyer
    The Spirit of Radio
    Bastille Day
  • Those stupid lists part I: Iron Maiden

    4. Nov. 2008, 17:42

    Alright, I know many hate/always disagree with lists, cause your favorite isn't listed, or HOW THE HELL could someone else like those songs/albums etc? But that what's so charming about personal lists, you can always get response from other, good or bad. Don't give a damn about people that doesn't agree with you, you don't agree with their taste, right? Man was created to debate and discuss, but you shouldn't get to emotional upset if someone doesn't agree with you, respect others taste! :)

    So anyway, today I felt like doing a list of my favorit albums and top ten songs from Iron Maiden, one of my top ten bands! To rank the albums is hard, and the songs is even harder. They have an awesome catalog, with some letdown albums that still have their good songs. So first, ze albums! (from last to first place).

    This album is way to punk sounding for my taste. You can clearly hear that Dianno have influnced the sound of this record more than on the debut, which wasn't too great IMO. Sure, some songs like Wrathchild, Murders In The Rue Morgue and Genghis Khan sounds more like "true" Maiden, but their is just too much punk in the songs. It might be harsh to say this, but I'm kinda glad Dianno left the band after this record, or they might have been a much more punk-sounding band today.

    Best Song: Murders In the Rue Morgue

    Virtual XI:

    I know that many hardcore Maiden fans can't stand Blaze's singing, espacially when it comes to the old Bruce songs. But on the two albums he sang "his" songs, I can sense a new flame that starts to burning (which however doesn't ignite to it's fullest until Bruce gets back for Brave New World). This album is a bit weaker that the first Blaze album, mostly because some of the songs are just... a bit to long and repetitive. But I still like it, it isn't so bad that most people say it is!

    Best Song: The Clansman

    No Prayer for the Dying:

    This album was a mayor let down for me, their isn't a single song that really get my attention, and the sound quality doesn't sound nearly as good as on their earlier works with Bruce. But it isn't that bad either, I think Bruce sounds awesome when he sings the choures for Hooks In You, and Mother Russia is starting to grow on me.

    Best Song: Hooks In You

    The X Factor

    It was hard to choose the best Blaze album... no I'm just kidding. This album have Lord of the Flies, a song I'm almost obssesd with. And I really don't know why, I just LOVE it. And Man on the Edge is really catchy (in a good way), and the opener Sign of the Cross is... a good opener! But I agree that the band sounds a bit too tired sometimes and the record quality could have been better, but overall, it's a good album!

    Best Song: Lord of the Flies

    Fear of the Dark:

    Man what happened with Bruce's vocals here? It sounded a bit different on Seventh Son and Prayer for the Dying, but it had transformed to the vorse on this album. But you can't get away that the title track is one of their most sing along friendly songs, this song was made with a big stadium audiance in mind. Kinda sad that the whole album wasn't that great, then this one could have made it MUCH further up in my list.

    Best Song: Fear of the Dark
    Brave New World:

    A good comeback for Bruce, the "failure" of his last two Maiden albums are "almost" forgiven ;) An overall good album which I sadly haven't give that much playtime, it might grow even more after a few more spins.

    Best Song: Brave New World
    Somewhere In Time:

    I hadn't listen at all to this album before the Maiden gig at Stockholm Stadion this summer. When they played Wasted Years and Heaven Can Wait, I kinda regretted that I hadn't listen to those songs. Of the "classic Maiden albums", I think this one is the weakest, but I understand why it's their with rest of the albums. Kinda cool with the synth sound, but it sounds MUCH better on Seventh Son.

    Best Song: Wasted Years

    Iron Maiden:

    The debut is... a good debut! Less punk than the sequel and more metal \m/ And well, I don't know much more to say about it. Remember Tomorrow... I heard it before I knew it was a Maiden song, and was surprised when I discovered that it was them, cause.... it doesn't sound like Maiden xD

    Best Song: Remember Tomorrow

    A Matter of Life and Death:

    Man I just love the proggier sound of Maiden, which really glows on this album. Many songs about war and destruction here. I don't see Maiden as a political band that tries to bring world peace with their songs... but you can't disagree that some of the lyrics are true and that we humans have a little thing for waging wars..

    Best Song: This Colors Don't Run


    One of their heavier albums, and I really like it. Aces High might be one of the best opener tracks ever (live included), the title track is pure energy,and Rime of the Ancient Mariner can only be descriped with one word: EPIC!!! And their is more good stuff on this record!

    Best Song: Aces High

    Dance Of Death:

    This album get's better and better each time I listen too it, my favorite of Bruce's comeback albums (despite the horrible artwork). I hope the next album will sound more like this, and include a new epic like Paschendale... man Epic isn't a good enough word to describe this song, neither are masterpiece!

    Best Song: Paschendale

    Piece of Mind:

    Yeah I am a sucker for their proggier albums, I know. And I think The Trooper is way overrated, I think To Tame A Land is miles better (and more epic), but harder to get to like.

    Best Song: To Tame a Land

    Number of the Beast:

    Yeah this could be a real mainstream chochie, you can't escape the fact that this is their most known work, and they can't just stop play Number of the Beast. But intressting enough, I find the track The Prisoner to be their best song OF ALL TIME! Why you ask... um... I... can't give you a straight answer. I just love the song the first time I heard it, and now it's my favorite Maiden song. Do the math!

    Best Song: The Prisoner

    Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son:

    I JUST LOVE PROG *_* This album is clearly their most ambitious and progg sounding, heck it's even a concept album. And I love every single track on it. The whole is better than the sum of it's part is a good way to describe this album. Every song works for themself, but listen to the whole album from start to finish and you wish that they always made more proggresive sounding albums!

    Best Song: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

    And well, the top ten list of songs:

    1. The Prisoner
    2. Paschendale
    3. To Tame A Land
    4. Remember Tomorrow
    5. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    6. The Number of the Beast
    7. This Colors Don't Run
    8. Moonchild
    9. Lord Of The Flies
    10. Aces High
  • Deep Purple @ Cloetta Center concert review

    9. Aug. 2008, 13:08

    fre 8 aug – Deep Purple, Europe, Bonafide

    Bonafide: A hard rock band from Malmö that plays... hard rock. They weren't band. but sometimes, they sounded more like a AC/DC tribute band, kinda uninspiring music and lyrics. Your 30 years too late guys!

    Europe: I''m not a big fan of their newest works, sounds too much like whatever rock/metal band their is. But their new songs where MUCH better live! And when they played old 80's classics as Rock the Night, Carrie and Final Countdown as an encore (yepp, a support band playing encore, first for me) with SYNTH, then I realized that this is one of the best Swedish bands ever!

    Deep Purple: wow, they shocked me just as The Who did last summer, to think that you can preform so well when you are 60 +... most shocking was Ian Gillians voice, he can still scream really loud (but sometimes it was just too much for him, but nerveless cool that he could do it!). Paice and Glover was solid as always, and Morse/AAirey showed once and for all that they ARE members of the band!

    They put up an interesting setlist, with a good mix from the earlier and later albums. Only thing I can complain about is that they didn't play Perfect Strangers after Airey solo... well you can't get everything!


    Fireball/ Into The Fire
    Strange Kind of Woman
    Rapture Of The Deep
    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
    Contact Lost~ Steve Morse solo
    Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    Wring That Neck
    The Well Dressed Guitar
    Don Airey solo
    The Battle Rages On
    Space Truckin'
    Highway Star
    Smoke on the Water

    Black Night

    Overall it was a great evening, all bands preformed well, good sound and the audiance was in a real good mood!