Those stupid lists part I: Iron Maiden


4. Nov. 2008, 17:42

Alright, I know many hate/always disagree with lists, cause your favorite isn't listed, or HOW THE HELL could someone else like those songs/albums etc? But that what's so charming about personal lists, you can always get response from other, good or bad. Don't give a damn about people that doesn't agree with you, you don't agree with their taste, right? Man was created to debate and discuss, but you shouldn't get to emotional upset if someone doesn't agree with you, respect others taste! :)

So anyway, today I felt like doing a list of my favorit albums and top ten songs from Iron Maiden, one of my top ten bands! To rank the albums is hard, and the songs is even harder. They have an awesome catalog, with some letdown albums that still have their good songs. So first, ze albums! (from last to first place).

This album is way to punk sounding for my taste. You can clearly hear that Dianno have influnced the sound of this record more than on the debut, which wasn't too great IMO. Sure, some songs like Wrathchild, Murders In The Rue Morgue and Genghis Khan sounds more like "true" Maiden, but their is just too much punk in the songs. It might be harsh to say this, but I'm kinda glad Dianno left the band after this record, or they might have been a much more punk-sounding band today.

Best Song: Murders In the Rue Morgue

Virtual XI:

I know that many hardcore Maiden fans can't stand Blaze's singing, espacially when it comes to the old Bruce songs. But on the two albums he sang "his" songs, I can sense a new flame that starts to burning (which however doesn't ignite to it's fullest until Bruce gets back for Brave New World). This album is a bit weaker that the first Blaze album, mostly because some of the songs are just... a bit to long and repetitive. But I still like it, it isn't so bad that most people say it is!

Best Song: The Clansman

No Prayer For The Dying:

This album was a mayor let down for me, their isn't a single song that really get my attention, and the sound quality doesn't sound nearly as good as on their earlier works with Bruce. But it isn't that bad either, I think Bruce sounds awesome when he sings the choures for Hooks In You, and Mother Russia is starting to grow on me.

Best Song: Hooks In You

The X Factor

It was hard to choose the best Blaze album... no I'm just kidding. This album have Lord of the Flies, a song I'm almost obssesd with. And I really don't know why, I just LOVE it. And Man on the Edge is really catchy (in a good way), and the opener Sign of the Cross is... a good opener! But I agree that the band sounds a bit too tired sometimes and the record quality could have been better, but overall, it's a good album!

Best Song: Lord of the Flies

Fear of the Dark:

Man what happened with Bruce's vocals here? It sounded a bit different on Seventh Son and Prayer for the Dying, but it had transformed to the vorse on this album. But you can't get away that the title track is one of their most sing along friendly songs, this song was made with a big stadium audiance in mind. Kinda sad that the whole album wasn't that great, then this one could have made it MUCH further up in my list.

Best Song: Fear of the Dark
Brave New World:

A good comeback for Bruce, the "failure" of his last two Maiden albums are "almost" forgiven ;) An overall good album which I sadly haven't give that much playtime, it might grow even more after a few more spins.

Best Song: Brave New World
Somewhere In Time:

I hadn't listen at all to this album before the Maiden gig at Stockholm Stadion this summer. When they played Wasted Years and Heaven Can Wait, I kinda regretted that I hadn't listen to those songs. Of the "classic Maiden albums", I think this one is the weakest, but I understand why it's their with rest of the albums. Kinda cool with the synth sound, but it sounds MUCH better on Seventh Son.

Best Song: Wasted Years

Iron Maiden:

The debut is... a good debut! Less punk than the sequel and more metal \m/ And well, I don't know much more to say about it. Remember Tomorrow... I heard it before I knew it was a Maiden song, and was surprised when I discovered that it was them, cause.... it doesn't sound like Maiden xD

Best Song: Remember Tomorrow

A Matter of Life and Death:

Man I just love the proggier sound of Maiden, which really glows on this album. Many songs about war and destruction here. I don't see Maiden as a political band that tries to bring world peace with their songs... but you can't disagree that some of the lyrics are true and that we humans have a little thing for waging wars..

Best Song: This Colors Don't Run


One of their heavier albums, and I really like it. Aces High might be one of the best opener tracks ever (live included), the title track is pure energy,and Rime of the Ancient Mariner can only be descriped with one word: EPIC!!! And their is more good stuff on this record!

Best Song: Aces High

Dance Of Death:

This album get's better and better each time I listen too it, my favorite of Bruce's comeback albums (despite the horrible artwork). I hope the next album will sound more like this, and include a new epic like Paschendale... man Epic isn't a good enough word to describe this song, neither are masterpiece!

Best Song: Paschendale

Piece of Mind:

Yeah I am a sucker for their proggier albums, I know. And I think The Trooper is way overrated, I think To Tame A Land is miles better (and more epic), but harder to get to like.

Best Song: To Tame a Land

Number of the Beast:

Yeah this could be a real mainstream chochie, you can't escape the fact that this is their most known work, and they can't just stop play Number of the Beast. But intressting enough, I find the track The Prisoner to be their best song OF ALL TIME! Why you ask... um... I... can't give you a straight answer. I just love the song the first time I heard it, and now it's my favorite Maiden song. Do the math!

Best Song: The Prisoner

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son:

I JUST LOVE PROG *_* This album is clearly their most ambitious and progg sounding, heck it's even a concept album. And I love every single track on it. The whole is better than the sum of it's part is a good way to describe this album. Every song works for themself, but listen to the whole album from start to finish and you wish that they always made more proggresive sounding albums!

Best Song: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

And well, the top ten list of songs:

1. The Prisoner
2. Paschendale
3. To Tame A Land
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
6. The Number of the Beast
7. This Colors Don't Run
8. Moonchild
9. Lord Of The Flies
10. Aces High


  • Headbanger62695

    nice list. i agree with most of your statements although i find Killers to be less punk then the first album.

    24. Jul. 2009, 2:40
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