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Über mich

HEY!!!!! well were to start lolz
um i am a prity happy person u will usualy see me with a smile on my face i also laugh alot two hehe :D
i love music so much its a big part of my life, life would NOT be the same with out it.
I am absested with TWILIGHT i LOVE it i have read all the bookes about 6 times they are amazing stephanie mayer is a writing genius i am in love with EDWARD CULLEN like every other girl or in some cases boy is if they have read the book. I love ROBERT PATTINSON just as much he is soooooooo GORGEOUSLY HOT hehe he is an AMAZING actor and has a wonderful voice and i CANT WAIT till the movie comes out hehe.
Well i love surfing cheese hehe Summer beach adn all that stuff hehe
Anyway thats me bye :) ♥


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