my albums of 2011


21. Jan. 2012, 0:55

Top 10 international:
10. The Dreamer/The Believer

9. Street King

8. Bon Iver

7. The Greatest Story Never Told

6. Follow Me Home

5. Rolling Papers

4. Mirrorwriting

3. Section.80

2. Watch the Throne

1. Take Care

Top 5 Mixtapes: (could mention many more...)
5. Covert Coup

4. Zero Heroes

3. Echoes of Silence

2. House of Balloons

1. nostalgia, ULTRA

Top 5 German:
5. Drama Konkret

4. Rebell ohne Grund

3. Urlaub fürs Gehirn

2. Christoph Alex


the 3 most disappointing:
3. The R.E.D. Album

2. Tha Carter IV

1. Bossaura

As you can see, I'm mainly into hip-hop/rap.
These are only albums I've listened to. Nevertheless there were a lot of good albums last year. But I couldn't listen to all of them. Maybe you can recommend me some more :)
I'm looking forward to 2k12.


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