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  • RisingSunce

    Hey! I'm doing a master thesis about Korean culture in Europe, so I wanted to ask you if you could help out with my research and maybe share that with your European friends. I need to get as many European kpop/kdrama/kmovie fans as possible for the research to be good. I prepared a survey - so people just need to contact me by writing me an email to and I'll send them the survey. I hope you'd be able to help me - it's extremely important to me and would mean a lot! Thanks a lot and I hope I'll soon hear from you!!

    September 2013
  • iw4eto0o

    Thanx dear, same for yours! <3

    Juni 2012
  • JayRaMatt

    Fuck you bruv for not writing on my wall

    Februar 2012
  • ivor138

    ...enter the group... I love you <3

    November 2011
  • pd110

    Thanks for accepting! :)

    November 2011
  • Fortiske

    Hey Slooms, Welcome to Classic Rock. We're Rockin'! Glad you joined us :)

    November 2011
  • haydonwallace

    Happy Now!!!? lol

    Juli 2011
  • PiggyPH

    I think you have a problem...

    Juni 2011
  • scupperjunior


    September 2010
  • nur_giggi

    WoW !! Your taste is SUPER. I like your list. Have a nice day. :-)

    August 2010
  • 1000cigarettes

    your website sucks

    August 2010
  • povlololo

    echochochochocho :D

    Juni 2010
  • Ragels


    Juni 2010
  • JamesTheRacist

    Why hello thar. Fancy meetin you on here.

    Mai 2010
  • billyoh

    mika, lykke li and cansei de ser sexy... great music!!! =D whenever u get the chance, have a go at this: 8bit pipe! think u might really enjoy it... =P

    März 2010
  • GhostROf1DooM

    Hey, thanks for the add. Great taste in music you have.

    Dezember 2009

    Welcome aboard, Slooms! Happy listening.

    August 2009