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NeurotechA Separate Way 7. Okt., 6:34
NeurotechThis is the New Age 7. Okt., 6:29
NeurotechUnconditional 7. Okt., 6:25
NeurotechIs the Sunrise Coming 7. Okt., 6:22
NeurotechA Clouded Mind 7. Okt., 6:18
NeurotechThe Race to Recovery 7. Okt., 6:14
NeurotechLet the Healing Begin 7. Okt., 6:12
NeurotechBelow These Scars 7. Okt., 6:05
NeurotechHome 7. Okt., 6:01
NeurotechDamage is Done 7. Okt., 5:57
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  • metaltroll87

    Im good thanks. You know I find it odd that you say That in The Bay Area is hard to find people with this goth/ Metal taste. Ive passed by Death Guilt & all those goth clubs before and sure it seems that THAT scene is actually pretty strong o.O but then again its been 2 years since I moved from the Bay to here in SoCal :'( so IDK lol. Dude all there is here in SOCal are THRASHERS D: I HATE thrashers they are so dirty & trashy ugh :/ And SoCal metalheads are fucking full of themselves, is ridiculous & shows here are damn boring. I MISS the Bay so much :( thats why Im going to the Paganfest 2012 in San Francisco instead of the one here :D All my friends are gonna be there so Im sure it will be TONS of fun!! I see you will be going too, is gonna be SO awesome! Btw I find it SICK as fuck that you listen to Neurotech too :D they are one of my favorite bands <3 :D

    29. Dez. 2011 Antworten
  • metaltroll87

    Hi! Thanks for the add. Great taste in music \m/

    25. Dez. 2011 Antworten

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