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Über mich

I'm Simon!
I'm the frontsinger of a band who call themself Breathe the Sound. Maybe you think it's more like a slogan, but I think there's a whole story behind it..
Maybe it's a message to all the people who listen to our music, maybe not. Maybe just a stupid phrase we found in a psychological book! Just try to find a good explanation yourself.. I'm also rhythm guitarist & vocals in Cold Turkey, a band formed by Max Colombie. Now More about me!
As you already know my name is Simon. Simon has a passion for Music, He's passionated in making music himself.
He's also a lyricist! Or he tries to write some lyrics,he tries to put his emotions and real life habits into it.Simon does play soccer, but it's just to pass the time... Simon loves movies a lot, but doesn't loves books.
Simon is still in highschool where he learns Latin.Latin doesn't interest him that much, but sometimes you got to learn new things! It's a bit absurd to learn dead languages but somehow it gives you the impression that you are intelligent.
I'm not saying he is !
Simon is already 16 years old.

** Lots Of Love


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