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Über mich

Simon Garcia, is an on-line personal music on He never being an real artist before, maybe in the future! For now, He will listening allot of Pop Rock and Pop Latino music. Beside of he's music experiences. Simon is always to be funny, happy, kindly and shearing. And he has other favorite thinks: Geography, Picture, Technology and Weather. Now back to my personal music,

Before I join on 2005 I was starting my own Station I been listen songs as I listen here, Before I join on August 2011, We remove into a new service from Yahoo! So in August 2011, I Join for adding my songs.

~ Yahoo! Launchcast, discover other "Simon" | he has Leaning Disability problem.~

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This week Simon listen local radio with: (WQEW) Radio Disney 1560 AM from New York City (Aug 31 Into N/A ?)
What Station he listen to Deliah Program on: 100.9 FM The Valley from Sunbury, PA. Weeknights at 9PM-11PM.
Simon have another network: Mobile Web | Counter | Facebook | Flickr | Rdio |Twitaholic and Twitter

Playing Scrobbling: Right Now is: - Rdio On-Demand, My Scrobbler Desktop and Clementine Player. Last update on: Friday Oct 10, 2014

Free Scrobbling Daytime: - We start at 10AM to 3PM for listen live scrobbling only few Weekday. We played is morning Exclusive Oldies into afternoon Today's Hits from my Rdio On-Demand only. Last update on: Friday July 4, 2014

You want to lean more about this page? Simon Garcia on page is part of online music store, it's wood not carry into FM or AM in local stations in real time. In our service we are trying to explore new things and make it challenge from right things into viewing it. Also in our exclusive page, you can see there is allot of "style music" to play, so we are still trying to rich Top #1 Hit's Music in our city and near area then local radio stations.

Where is current location? My location stream is City of Kitchener (See Map and Our Region), discover our Kitchener and around region too. When you zoom out in our city. More city's and our capital city to discover and it's our province from Ontario (ONroute Centres). Our country is from Canada.

Simon Digital Network: On April 28, 2013 this is a new era for easy information for facts to everyone now. Our sponsors is: Microsoft OneDrive

Thank You for viewing my page on, You care about my songs and also find my compatibility music ... So we have international view from: North/Central/South America (Peru), Europe (Monaco), Africa (Malawi), Asia (Japan) & Oceania (Hawaii)... Here is you international view:

Replay Over Again Simon:: This was update on: Friday, April 18
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