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22. Aug. 2006, 23:58

Last Updated: My last post (6th February 2007).

Ok then, this is the Travis Super Game. The goal of this game is to find out which is THE GREATEST Travis song, as voted by the fans. Since they have a huge collection, I decided to put in the game the four studio albums, all of the b-sides, plus some bonus tracks / rarities.

Travis are currently preparing to release their highly anticipated 5th album 'THE BOY WITH NO NAME', produced by Nigel Godrich, Mike Hedges and Brian Eno. The release date for this is MAY 7TH 2007. 'CLOSER' is the new single, to be released on APRIL 23RD 2007.

BIG CHAIR lyrics
Now you know that I heart everything about you
And that's why it's quite hard to get through this alone

You're the only one I can talk to about it
In my darkest night I will be on my own

These walls that we climb are hard to recognize
They fall when I say your name

Here we go
Fast and slow
On the big chair

But we don't know
Where we're going
On the big chair

Don't you know it's hard, quite, in the time of confusion
To tell you that I love you

You see it could have been me instead of you
It could have been me if I wanted to
But it wasn't
So we'll have to face the truth

These walls that we climb are hard to recognize
They fall when I say your name

Here we go
Fast and slow
On the big chair

But we don't know
Where we're going
On the big chair

Time to pull the shutters down
Breakin' clouds don't make a sound?

Here we go
Fast and slow
On the big chair

But we don't know
Where we're going
On the big chair

"Closer" was played live several times in 2005 to good response.

CLOSER lyrics
Closer, closer
Closer, closer

I’ve had enough, of this parade
Breaking up, no words to say
We open up, the finished parts
Broken up, I’m so oh in love

And when I see you then I know it will be next to me
And when I need you then I know that you'll be there with me
I'll never leave you…
Just need to get
Closer, closer
Lean on me now
Lean on me now
Closer, Closer
Lean on me now
Lean on me now

Waking up, without you here
Another day, another year
Your secrets here, We're set apart
To save the day, to save your dreams (help?)

lean on me now

Closer, closer
Lean on me now
Lean on me now
Closer, Closer
Lean on me now
Lean on me now
Lean on me now

Closer, closer
Closer, closer

KT Tunstall has been reported as providing backing vocals on a song called "Under The Moonlight", while on a visit to the studio to watch the band recording, actor Ben Stiller, a fan, is said to have contributed a cowbell. "My Eyes" was debuted at an acoustic gig in Glasgow in aid of Cash For Kids in December 05. Some of the lyrics are "Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather. You will be wise. Pretty soon you will see tears in my eyes." Fran reveals: 'One of the new songs, "Three Times And You Lose", started out as a soundtrack which Andy had written called A Gig Too Far. That's what Neil said when he was being treated after his accident.' Two versions have been recorded and he describes it as sounding like 'The Eagles, but in a good way.' Fran adds: 'There's another song called "Eye Of The Needle", which Dougie and I knocked out between us. It's like a hymn written to be played at the funeral of a person who doesn't believe in God. It's all about an epiphany and where you go next. 'The lyrics are "At a glance I could see it like a needle in the hay, all our paths are all leading the same way. Through the eye of the needle we will pass, but till then, Amen." 'It's just about thinking about life, not death, and just celebrating life really.' On working with Brian Eno, Fran said "Out of the fourteen things, we came out with about four that are definitely sounding like they could be turned into something pretty cool," he explained, "We don’t have any track titles at the moment as they’re all just big pieces of music, but Neil named them all and one of them is called "Magpie" and one was called "Christmas Turkey Dinner"… Though I don’t know where that came from.”

Andy MacDonald, the founder of Travis’ record label, Independiente Records, said of the album, one to be backed to the tune of 4 million pounds by a joint venture between Independiente and Patrick McKenna's Ingenious Group: "Travis are very much a cornerstone artist for Independiente - having created some brilliant music since we first signed them, and having had hit records in pretty much every corner of the world. Their new album is close to completion and is shaping up to match, and arguably better, their very best work.”


The band have recently been making babies, with Andy having son Dylan, and Fran having a son called Clay.

Of the new album, frontman Fran Healy said: "After a time of feeling stuck we feel we can do anything. We've come through the dark places and it feels like we've found our muse once more."

Speaking about working with long-time collaborator Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, guitarist Dougie Payne said: "We trust Nigel and fear him. If Nigel doesn't think something is any good he'll say."

The tracklisting for the album is:

'3 Times And You Lose'
'Selfish Jean'
'Big Chair'
'Eyes Wide Open'
'My Eyes'
'One Night'
'Out In Space'
'New Amsterdam'

KT Tunstall sings backing vocals on a song called 'Under The Moonlight', which looks likely to now be a b-side, as Fran said that it's not on the album in a recent interview with Steve lamacq on BBC6. There is also the very big possibility of the song 'Eye Of The Needle' being a hidden track on 'The Boy With No Name', as it is supposed to be like a prayer, so it would fit to be at the end of the record.

If I hear any other news, I will post here...

Please read the complete Dougie's Diaries here!

Hopefully this will create some interest in Travis on here, and get people excited in anticipation of the release of their new album soon.

- Every song starts with 10 points
- When posting, a player now is allowed THREE help votes and THREE kill votes! Hopefully this will encourage more people to post, and also to speed the game along. The only rule is that you can't vote for the same song twice in one post, and three person rule between posts still exists.
- A help vote gives 1 point, while a kill vote takes off 3 points
- VOTE AS YOU WISH. But, you have to wait for at least three people to cast their votes before you can vote again. That means that there should always be three people between your votes, or else I will not consider it.
- That's all you have to know!
- Credit for the game idea goes to luishernando. Thank him while you're at it. Personally, I got the inspiration to actually do this from RiotRadio's Oasis Super Game.

When the game will be finished:
- The game will be over when only 1 song remains. :)

Please join the Super-Gamers Unite Group!

Please go to Travisography, a great place to hear what all those Travis songs that you don't know actually sound like! Especially good on b-sides and rarities!

Please also vote @

So here we go...


Glass Onion EP (1993)
All songs murdered...

Unreleased Glass Onion Songs
All songs murdered...

Good Feeling (1997)
All songs murdered...

The Man Who (1999)
All songs murdered...

The Invisible Band (2001)

12 Memories (2003)
All songs murdered...

Singles (2004)
All songs murdered...

Good Feeling B-Sides (1997)
All songs murdered...

The Man Who B-Sides (1999)
All songs murdered...

The Invisible Band B-Sides (2001)
All songs murdered...

12 Memories B-Sides (2003)
All songs murdered...

Singles B-Sides
All songs murdered...

Other Songs
All songs murdered...

If there's a song you would really like to see in the Other Songs section, it's not too late! Tell me and I'll put it in the game!

Most rarities.
Good Feeling (OneDayFly)
Dear Diary (Luchnik)
Paperclips (Juskho)
U16 Girls (jo2285)
Rock 'N' Salad Roll (Jearoon)
Indefinitely (SevenUP)
Funny Thing (Mixed By Tim Simenon) (SideFlower)
More Than Us (With Anne Dudley) (Remix) (SideFlower)
Writing To Reach You (The Deadly Avenger's Bayou Blues Mix) (SideFlower)
Writing To Reach You (The Deadly Avenger Instrumental Mix) (SideFlower)
Driftwood (Net Broadcast) (SideFlower)
Slide Show (Net Broadcast) (SideFlower)
How Many Hearts (Storvikarn)
Afterglow (Storvikarn)
Me Beside You (OneDayFly)
Safe (smythal)
Peace The Fuck Out (OneDayFly)
Rocket Man (Live) (SideFlower)
Last Christmas (Live) (holyhealypayne)
Definition Of Wrong (Ulrikke)
After Mark And Lard Go (Live) (Storvikarn)
Tied To The 90's (ith1ldin)
Get It On (Demo) (SideFlower)
Good Time Girls (Hikki4ever)
The Urge For Going (holyhealypayne)
Don't Be Shy (oskimakinorri)
Combing My Hair (gfl1)
Free Soul (SideFlower)
Mother (Okuda)
Midsummer Nights Dreamin' (SoWhyX)
Hazy Shades Of Gold (Hikki4ever)
Back In Black (Live) (Ulrikke)
We Are Monkeys (gfl1)
She's So Strange (Glass Onion Version) (danielting89)
No Cigar (uriah-hp)
Some Sad Song (uriah-hp)
The Cage (ribosoma)
Love Will Come Through (Moonlight Mile Version) (ewendodds)
Be My Baby (Ulrikke)
Funny Thing (Hikki4ever)
Beautiful Bird (gfl1)
High As A Kite (woshiren)
The Sea (Hikki4ever)
Central Station (uriah-hp)
She's So Strange (uriah-hp)
Happy (pinkmini)
Alone On Christmas Day (lavar78)
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Live) (lavar78)
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (One Day Fly)
The Day Before (SideFlower)
Days Of Our Lives (SideFlower)
80) Not About To Change (Demo) (storvikarn)
79) Turn (Glass Onion Demo) (storvikarn)
78) Unbelievers (storvikarn)
77) Back In The Day (lavar78)
76) The Last Laugh Of The Laughter (uriah-hp)
75) All The Young Dudes (Live) (uriah-hp)
74) Last Train (katthegreat8)
73) I Love You Anyways (SideFlower)
72) Beautiful (SideFlower)
71) Good Day To Die (uriah-hp)
70) The Weight (uriah-hp)
69) Baby One More Time (lavar78)
68) Whenever She Comes Around (Glass Onion Version) (lavar78)
67) Just The Faces Change (lavar78)
66) Reason (champersnova)
65) Bring Me Round (uriah-hp)
64) The Line Is Fine (uriah-hp)
63) When I'm Feeling Blue (Days Of The Week) (SideFlower)
62) You're A Big Girl Now (SideFlower)
61) A Little Bit Of Soul (SideFlower)
60) The Beautiful Occupation (Acoustic) (gfl1)
59) Dream On (woshiren) (Best Glass Onion Song)
58) Killer Queen (woshiren)
57) Ancient Train (woshiren)
56) I Don't Mean To Get High (uriah-hp)
55) Green Behind The Ears (gfl1)
54) 1922 (uriah-hp)
53) Falling Down (uriah-hp)
52) Here Comes The Sun (Ulrikke)
51) Give Me Some Truth (Schluenz)
50) The Score (woshiren)
49) The Connection (woshiren)
48) You Don't Know What I'm Like (woshiren)
47) Blue On A Black Weekend (SoWhyX)
46) Closer (Hikki4ever)
45) Mid-Life Krysis (gfl1)
44) Another Sleep Song (Live) (gfl1) (Best Other Song)
43) Distraction (uriah-hp)
42) Follow The Light (uriah-hp)
41) Whenever She Comes Around (gfl1)
40) Only Molly Knows (OneDayFly)
39) Where Is The Love (SideFlower)
38) River (uriah-hp)
37) Walking Down The Hill (SideFlower)
36) City In The Rain (lavar78)
35) I Forget My Name (woshiren)
34) 20 (lavar78)
33) Enemy (lavar78)
32) Know Nothing (uriah-hp)
31) As You Are (uriah-hp)
30) Everyday Faces (loafofghost)
29) Ring Out The Bell (gfl1) (Best The Invisible Band B-Side)
28) Standing On My Own (lavar78) (Best Good Feeling B-Side)
27) Luv (OneDayFly)
26) Good For Nothing (gfl1) (Best 12 Memories B-Side)
25) Life And Soul Of The Party (gfl1) (Best Singles B-Side)
24) The Fear (SideFlower)
23) Blue Flashing Light (uriah-hp)
22) Happy To Hang Around (uriah-hp)
21) Village Man (oflo84) (Best The Man Who B-Side / BEST B-SIDE)
20) Slide Show (lavar78)
19) The Beautiful Occupation (OneDayFly)
18) Pipe Dreams (Ulrikke)
17) Quicksand (uriah-hp)
16) More Than Us (BBM-ng)
15) The Distance (SideFlower)
14) All I Want To Do Is Rock (Ulrikke) (Best Good Feeling song)
13) Re-Offender (SideFlower)
12) The Humpty Dumpty Love Song (uriah-hp)
11) Somewhere Else (lavar78)

Top Ten
10) Coming Around (SideFlower)
9) Walking In The Sun (OneDayFly) (Best Singles Song)
8) Writing To Reach You (Lavar78)
7) Flowers In The Window (icyivy)
6) Turn (SevinUP)
5) Sing (radicaldreamer)
4) Driftwood (Ulrikke)

3 = BRONZE) Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (OneDayFly)
2 = SILVER) Love Will Come Through (lavar78)
1 = GOLD) (WINNER!) ... Side

Let's play then. The greatest Travis song beckons!!!

Fran Healy
Dougie Payne
Andy Dunlop
Neil Primrose

Click this link to hear Travis b-sides @ Travisography!


  • SideFlower

    Help: Driftwood Kill: Writing To Reach You (The Deadly Avenger Instrumental Mix)

    23. Aug. 2006, 0:11
  • 4ceRimmer

    Kill Good Feeling, Help Coming Around.

    25. Aug. 2006, 5:48
  • Athymia

    Help: Love Will Come Through Kill: Good Feeling

    27. Aug. 2006, 0:24
  • superfel

    help: The Humpty Dumpty Love Song kill: Writing To Reach You (The Deadly Avenger Instrumental Mix)

    27. Aug. 2006, 3:15
  • OneDayFly

    Help: Turn Kill: The Cage

    27. Aug. 2006, 15:38
  • SevinUP

    Help: The Fear (Their best song) Kill: The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

    27. Aug. 2006, 18:38
  • SideFlower

    Help: Flowers In The Window Kill: No Cigar (Updated) Please vote again, and tell all your other friends that like Travis to vote too! Cheers for voting!

    28. Aug. 2006, 11:23
  • woshiren

    Help: Flowers in the window Kill: Happy

    28. Aug. 2006, 13:36
  • OneDayFly

    Help: Everyday Faces Kill: U16 Girls

    28. Aug. 2006, 14:44
  • gozka

    woa!!! there are lots live songs and bsides i don't even know.. help:I Love You Anyways kill: How Many Hearts

    28. Aug. 2006, 22:07
  • SideFlower

    Help: Sing Kill: No Limit (Live)

    29. Aug. 2006, 7:26
  • woshiren

    Help: Beautiful Occupation Kill: U16 Girls

    29. Aug. 2006, 13:11
  • OneDayFly

    Help: Side Kill: How Many Hearts P.S. Wouldn't it be an idea to kill all alternate versions and obscure songs instantly? I fear that otherwise this game never ends..

    29. Aug. 2006, 16:20
  • superfel

    help: Flowers in the Window kill: Funny Thing (Mixed By Tim Simenon)

    29. Aug. 2006, 16:47
  • idiotinairon

    Help: Quicksand Kill: More than us (the remix one avec anne dudley)

    31. Aug. 2006, 14:09
  • gozka

    Help: Peace The Fuck Out Kill: Tied To The 90's I agree all the live versions and demos are not necessary, just leave album versions and bsides.

    1. Sep. 2006, 1:17
  • OneDayFly

    Help: All I Want To Do Is Rock Kill: Indefinitely

    1. Sep. 2006, 9:11
  • lucetta

    Help: Quicksand Hurt: The Beautiful Occupation

    1. Sep. 2006, 22:37
  • gozka

    Help: Side Kill: Dear Diary

    2. Sep. 2006, 17:38
  • OneDayFly

    Help: The Line Is Fine Kill: Paperclips

    2. Sep. 2006, 18:19
  • MandyLuv

    Help: Good feeling Kill: Combing My Hair Travis best band ever!

    4. Sep. 2006, 19:08
  • idiotinairon

    Help: Mid-life kyrsis Kill: Do they know its christmas (band aid)

    4. Sep. 2006, 20:13
  • SideFlower

    (Updated) Help: U16 Girls Kill: Funny Thing (Mixed By Tim Simenon) As requested, I've trimmed the available rarities section. Please play the Travis super game here! Thanks for voting!

    5. Sep. 2006, 17:15
  • OneDayFly

    Help: The Last Laugh Of The Laughter Kill: Peace The ---- Out Shouldn't 'U16 Girls' have 5 points after your help vote..?

    5. Sep. 2006, 21:37
  • superfel

    help: More Than Us kill: More Than Us (With Anne Dudley) (Remix)

    6. Sep. 2006, 0:26
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