A journey through music:)


29. Jul. 2011, 7:37

This is my journey through music:) I will recommend some albums that stand out for me. Most albums that i post is something close to me, and make me say "WOW!" There will be a wide range of Genres i will represent, (mostly which is Electronic music.)
I will start with my favorite album of all time!

Exploring The Tributaries
If you want a perfect trip with pure music, this album has everything you need to know about Electronic music! It starts off with a very good soft ambient track that leads into one of the best flowing albums i have ever heard, that keeps making me come back over, and over again:))

CBL is by far my favorite Ambient project, and this is my Favorite album by them for one reason? "Uniqueness" nothing comes close to this album when it comes to "Psychill" every track is very soothing, and makes you glues to those headphones!:))))

This is just to amazing for me to describe when it comes to Forest Psytrance!:))) This album will keep you nodding your head, and your feet moving, if you love good Psytrance:))) This album stands out soo much that i have to listen to the whole album if any track comes on when i am shuffling my library:)))

Iconic Path
When i fist heard this album, i was in shock that a trance DJ can make something like this?:)! I will warn you, you might listen to this album on repeat, it is that good:)))

This Binary Universe
Please don't listen to this album if you'r not going to listen to the whole thing!:))) This is by far the best BT album to be released:))) It will make you think different about electronic music, period!

I remember when this album came out:)))) Sol just made this album complete, and it made this album what it is today, A "Classic" and it will be in my heart forever:)))

Spontaneous Illumination
If you want a real journey through music, with real soundscapes, this is for you!:))) This will make you think twice about the definition of music?:)))) Every track is very deep, and will make you think:))) A must listen!

This is very good Psydub/Dub music:))) I guarantee you will like this Album, this is the definition of a good Dub album:)))) Data Diviner, and Reptile Room is just fantastic stuff:))))

Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost
Please, please, please, please, listen to this album all the way through with no stopping, it is the only way to listen to this album, it is like 1 track, but like i said, please listen to the whole album all the way through:))) (You won't be disappointed)

This is just classic stuff, and unforgettable! This is real trance, and this album is legendary in my world:))))

Ok.......ummmmmm.............Just like the name of the Album, it is very Twisted, and will get your mind into a world you never been before:)))) Best Goa album out there, and is one of the best Albums period to come out:))))))

Big Men Cry
This made me appreciate music that is untouched, and this album will make you appreciate music that is very underground:))))

If you like good Psydub, this album will make you want to keep finding albums like this, but you won't, because this album is very unique, and will never find anything like this:))) If you find something like this, then let me know, i will be happy to find something close to this:))))

Coldharbour Sessions 2004
One of the best compilations i have ever heard in my life! No joke! This will make you appreciate good trance, and make you want to find more like this, and you will have fun trying to find music like this:)))))

If you never heard of Minimal, then you never heard of this Album!:)))) This is just too crazy to describe, all you have to do is listen to this album, and you will get into Minimal music really fast, and will be happy you did:)))))

I will make this my Dubstep album, and for one good reason.............It is dubstep as it should sound, not that crazy Rusko sound, or Skrillex!!!!!!!!!!! If you never heard of dubstep, then this album will make you understand what dubstep should sound like:))))

Endless Rhythms of the Beatless Heart
This is the trippiest album i posted on here, and it will make you think twice about the word "Psychedelic" because this is pure Psychedelic stuff that you will never forget:))))

This album is a must own for any fan of deep, deep, deep, deep trance....This album has everything you can imagine, i guarantee this will become one of your most prized albums after a few listens with some bad ass headphones:)))

When i first heard this album i was blown away from the first listen! No joke, this is one of the best Full-on Psytrance albums i have come across....IF your not into Psychedelic trance, but into Progressive trance, this album might be for you:))) Every track has its own little journey with-in:))))

Subliminal Melancholies
First off i have to say this Psy producer is one of the best in the world:))) He makes three different styles of Psy: Darkpsy/Psychill/Psytrance....Each one is very good in it's own compared to most out there in this world:))) This Album is very chill, with nice melodies that will take you to a different understanding of Ambient/Psychill:)))

All i have to say is.......... Listen to this album with your headphones in your ears, and you will have a good time:)))

Some of the best Chill "Dubstep" you will ever come across for sure:))) Just a pleasant experience from start to finish:)))


  • zacharydenton

    Thanks for posting this! Can't wait to check these out.

    29. Aug. 2012, 2:50
  • Piashlara

    awesome list, some new stuff to check out. thanks!!

    12. Sep. 2012, 21:57
  • psymania

    Interesting choice of Music. I like almost every track you have listed here, respect! :)

    13. Okt. 2013, 14:43
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