oh, NO


7. Okt. 2008, 21:00

so, my laptop is broken and all my data is lost. it sucks. [my finland pictures, all lost x( ] but anyways, I thought I should still keep track of what I listen to at the mom..

THE NEW RASMUS ALBUM, Black Roses. It's fantastic / perfect and their best record by far-- [ok, Into comes quite close, been listening to that as well]. I love every single song on that album, most of all probably The Fight, Justify, Lost and Lonely and Dangerous Kind. and, of course, all the other songs. lol. I REALLY love all of them.

When my friend is coming over she sometimes wants to listen to ther music as well [yeah, weird, I know..], so I listened to some
Papa Roach and Ashlee Simpson as well as to Hilary Duff and in private I started liking and listening to PMMP... A LOT. They're really fun.

Other than that... Nothing, I guess.


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