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A Capricorn born on December 22 has great sensitivity under a shell of pretend indifference. They are emotionally vulnerable and are sometimes shy about others seeing who they are. Attractive and charming, they are often more complicated than others realize. They are intelligent, though it may be as hard for them to accept their talents as their limitations. December 22 natives are constantly changing their views on nutrition and health. Because they naturally remain slim, they can misinterpret what constitutes a healthy diet. December 22 people take their career responsibilities seriously and are likely to have a reputation for being workaholics. This isn't negative unless they work in order to avoid issues in their lives, especially relationship issues. Maintaining their lifestyle takes considerable resources. ~~

Your personal ruling planets are Jupiter and Uranus.

It could be said you have a revolutionary spirit and don't like to see things or live life along the normal traditional lines of society. At times you feel isolated and may not quite know how to channel the overwhelming feelings within you. You have generally a positive view of life and big plans, but may also experience sudden reversals coupled with sudden successes in life.
You like to see the big picture and always aim for the horizon ahead. You have a progressive mind and are physically mobile and flexible. Any rugged kinds of sports and outdoor activities will help you in your search for inner meaning.
In love, you give your all.
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