Methuselah - A Great Leap In The Dark --- new collaboration, Sun Thief + We Were…


23. Jun. 2010, 2:38

Methuselah - A Great Leap In The Dark
8-track full length album now available for FREE download as 320 mp3s, VBR, or FLAC

Methuselah is the collaboration of Adam Wetterhan (Sun Thief, Shadowclast) and Luke Knight (We Were Ravens, Apollo) of Columbus, Ohio. The album was conceived through many late-night "noise jams", the two artists each with their own set up, improvising abstract electronic pulses and drones to an agreed key and tempo. Hours of recordings were compiled, examined, edited and finally structured into finished songs. These "songs" were then woven together and finely tuned to create the post-industrial drone-noise-ambient-glitch tapestry that is "A Great Leap In The Dark".

Knight is currently pursuing a degree in Music Technology from Capital University, Wetterhan is currently pursuing degrees in Philosophy and Religion also from Capital University. Conceptually, the album is intertwined with explorations the two have made on the fringes of religion and philosophy, the same late-night noise jams often bookended by intellectual explorations of human nature, symbol and meaning, especially the notion of modernity as the interface between the worlds great religions and philosophies and the synthesis of ideas that is possible now more than ever. "A Great Leap In The Dark" expresses these ideas, moods, and themes in a variety of ways, refusing to rest on one single sound - but all undeniably "Methuselah". The album functions as a journey rather than a collection of songs, moving the listener through the dark tunnels of consciousness towards some inexplicable end.

A list of influences from Adam and Luke:
Æthenor, Aidan Baker, Andrew Chalk, Autechre, Beehatch, Belong, Black Dice, Brainbow, Brian Eno, Circle, Cisfinitum, Coil, Current 93, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Dead Voices on Air, Deathprod, Download, Edward Ka-Spel, Eluvium, Emeralds, Esperik Glare, expo 70, Final, Frozen Rabbit, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Growing, Hecq, Infinite Body, Isis, Loscil, m.cadoo, Maeror Tri, Main, Mountains, Nadja, Nurse With Wound, Oneohtrix Point Never, Oren Ambarchi, Phil Western, Rapoon, Reformed Faction, Skyramps, Stars of the Lid, Steve Roach, Steven R. Smith, Sun Watcher, Sunn O))) , Supersilent, Tangerine Dream, The Angelic Process, The Caretaker, The Legendary Pink Dots, The Silverman, Thisquietarmy, Thomas Köner, Thuja, Gas, Tim Hecker, Troum, Tuk, White Rainbow, Zoviet France


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