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Born from the ashes of argonianslave.

An unshackled and somewhat openminded metalhead. Loves metal, classical and likes reggae/roots reggae. Is a casual airsofter and owns an Echo1 AK-47 RIS, a Cyma CM030 Glock18 AEP and a JG MP5A4. Also likes playing video games, especially Smash Brothers Brawl and various first person shooters (especially Doom and Doom 2). Not only does he play the game, but mods it as well..but Doom is not the only game Chris mods, he has modded a large number of games such as the Half-Life series, Unreal Tournament 2004, Command and Conquer series and a few others.

He is also very opinionated, so do not read the manifesto below if you can potentially get offended easily by one's opinions when it comes to music, human behavior, religion and other topics.

Brutal Video Vault


Treasure trove of all things MIDI here!


Unlike some metalheads, I am not interested in Judas Priest, In Flames, DragonForce, Opeth or Children of Bodom. They are mostly weak and/or, popular and/or overrated bands that I see in nearly every goddamn metal group's charts I am in and am sick of seeing them everywhere. Not all of above artists are weak the way Dragonforce or CoB is and like I said, I'm tired of seeing them everywhere on, whether it be on charts for groups or individuals.

I loathe this so-called alternative bullshit term people have been using for years, it's not alternative if you got some greedy RIAA label backing and funding your stupid ass(es)! Writing watered down music to appeal to the 'soft' ears doesn't help with popularity! Look at the way the former technical death metal band Cryptopsy is now, they are now some trendy, faggoty deathcore band and have gotten a lot of backlash from old fans with their latest album. Not to mention they got a lot of retarded scene kids listening to their new album because of the music change.

Another thing that bugs the shit out of me is musical trend following. Who the fuck thought of this kind of nonsense? Either you like the music or you don't! This is especially true to the thousands of losers on Myspace who listen to music ONLY because it's "The current trend" without any regard if they like or dislike it and later discard the trendy music like a's just plain horrifying to see these cretins do this and not stick with one or several particular genres of music. First it was grunge in the 1990s, then came nu-metal in the mid-late 90s followed by metalcore in the early 2000s. Now it's deathcore, what stupid trend will follow this abomination? If you are a trend follower who mindlessly follows music "just to fit in with the cool crowd", you are a dumbass who cannot conform to your own music and sticking with it without treating it like a disposable diaper.

Same goes with trends in music fashion....emo hair and faggoty looking clothes from your sister's drawer doesn't look cool! Wear what you like to wear without following the weak looking "scene" style.

I also do not like rap*, country, techno/electronica, metalcore/deathcore, that bullshit modern emo rock or nu-metal, which isn't metal at all. I've not bothered with blues, jazz or classic rock since they don't seem to interest me at all.

Insane Clown Posse is not considered music and never will be by me, I don't see how dressing up like some Kiss/Eminem hybrid abomination and calling yourselves Juggalos has anything to do with the seems stupid to me and at least KISS fans and black metal fans who sometimes wear corpse paint don't make a fucking lifestyle out of looking like some sort rejected circus clown community (at least corpse paint wearers look good in their photos!), using stupid terms as 'hatchet' for a meat cleaver or 'whoop whoop' for some unknown reason, nor do they overreact and be a bunch of tough guys/gals with empty threats when they are insulted. Grow up a little and learn to use proper spelling and grammar before you try and flame me for my blunt opinions on your precious music and clown community.

I have little stomach for the members of the Juggalo community who cannot respond in a more mature manner without threats of violence and/or death against non-Juggalos. You people make me sick and I will proudly denounce the entire community because the most vocal members of said community cannot retort or respond properly, sometimes not even using proper spelling and grammar in their posts which make everyone in said subculture look like a bunch of blithering, lowlife, white trash gits. To me, there are only very few people who like ICP I can truely respect (Mike Havik and Sean Batemann for example)

*referring to the mainstream variety, especially.

Stop calling mainstream music alternative! Nothing is alternative when it's just watered down pop music made just to make money. That's why there are about a dozen or so rock/pop/hiphop/country/metalcore/pop punk bands on the market that sound about the same with little variation just so the fat cats on the top of the label and RIAA tree make the most money from....album sales off their backs! Stop supporting these jerks already, there are hundreds of lesser known artist that could use this support instead of the overplayed, overadvertised, commercialized, fat, greedy motherfuckers supported by one of "The Big 5" labels or affiliated with them.

Modern rap promotes violence and objectification of women. The biggest disgrace to hip-hop/rap is Soulja Boy....who thought of this shit and why is this stupid motherfucker is so popular? Two fucking gimmick songs (Crank That, no fuck you asshole!) isn't music and never will be. People who think of rubbish like this should have their face smashed against a concrete wall then crucified on it with rebars. Their fans are no better with the shouts I've been getting here as they deserve the same fate, maybe worse. Fuck you and your half-baked, poppy and useless 'music', Soulja Boy fanboy cretins!

The real, non-mainstream/underground or old-school (pre-gangsta) hip-hop is far superior to garbage like 50 Cent and Tupac. Get it through your heads you silly people, 50 Cent/Tupac/Lil Wayne aren't the saviors of rap, they're in it solely for the money like the vast majority of artists on RIAA labels are.

Nu-metal fails on many levels because mixing rap and metal does not work nicely without it coming out like crap. Some attempts like mid era Machine Head came out mediocre but not that much better than stuff Korn and Limp Bizkit have put out over the years. Korn has mentioned on numerous occasions they are not metal, so stop calling them that! Before you butcher your ears listening to said artists, please to some research first!

Modern -core sucks because they try too hard to be "br00tal" and fail miserably with the overuse of stupid breakdowns and usually simplified guitar riffs. I am referring more to the predominantly -core bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu and Bullet for My Valentine and not the more metallic artists such as Shadows Fall and Mastodon. comes out as a horrendous mix of or with in some feeble attempts to get the lame and scenester crowd to jump to the latest trend in music.

Anything featured on MTV because it's just a way to have the record companies make more money from sales, those greedy bastards! You know why, because the average artist on a major label probably sees less than 2% of the income from record sales, forcing them to tour and do other things to make a decent amount of money. Now only if more of these bands would follow Nine Inch Nails's example by making their own label independent of major labels or simply join his cause.

I do not follow trends, especially stupid ones like the modern "Emo" one. Face it, you all look the fucking same if you do that and listen to the same crap such as My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. Another thing, what is with the -core or other useless artists covering metal songs when they don't sound like or are not metal at all? Stick to covering your own style of music and quit butchering well-known heavy metal songs with your style, please.

I don't buy music from Hot Topic, rarely do I ever purchase anything except for a shirt or two of non-shitty artists. All of my band related clothing comes from various places such as Hells Headbangers, Moribund Records and JSRDirect so far.

Personally, I think organized religion is for the weak minded and for those who cannot think for themselves, hence I do not follow any type of theist religions. I follow two things: Common sense and Thinking for yourself. It's not hard to do, really! No need to follow failth to show and tell me what I should do with my life. In addition to this, I will not believe in a God or gods unless there is concrete physical proof, THEN I will acknowledge they exist but still won't follow religion just because I'm a free thinker. Feel free to tell me about <insert religion here>, but please don't push it/preach and attempt to convert or persuade me..that I don't like. If I want to be a faith follower, I will do it on my own, thank you very much. Lastly, I will respect people who keep it cool like this and don't try the above on me. :)

On the topic of Islam, it really bothers me that those who take things to extremist (Al Qaeda) or hardliner levels (Think Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia) that think they are the better religion out there. They seem the same at most. I do not hate this religion, I only hate the hardliner wackos like King Abdullah of SA and the clerics who praise violence, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism among those listening to them. These folks clearly make the rest of the followers of this religion get shitloads of flak and other negative press, especially those who are open to talk about things without getting down your throat on how great Allah is and X/everything else is wrong.

On the topic of new pop artists, why do we have to have people obsess over them like they are some new demigod in the music's genre? They aren't. Take Justin Bieber for example, he's not any more special than the late Michael Jackson, except Jackson's career lasted over 20 years and this new kid's will unlikely last 5 or more on my best guess. Bieber was tempted and successfully 'recruited' into the major label ranks via contracts and he will remain there until they find they cannot milk him for any more talent like they did with the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and many others who were dumped because the big labels weren't making enough money off their backs.

Musical evolution =/= becoming "alternative" music. Stop it!

Don't bother arguing on why I dislike any of the above mentioned forms of music and keep your anti-metal rhetoric to yourself!

If you like what you like, that's fine with me but just don't trump it in my face like it's the best thing out there.


If you want to be my friend on, at least talk to me in my shoutbox first so it's not a blind mutual e-friendship!

Don't be afraid to think "outside the box" and explore non-mainstream music!

Moar free music HERE!

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