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SerioDe Verdad Lieblingslied 1. Jun. 2012
SerioI Got To Have You Lieblingslied 30. Mai. 2012
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Jonathán Pérez, better known as Serio, is a Chicano Rap artist from Los Angeles, CA. His grandmother nicknamed him "Serio", which in Spanish means serious, because as a child he always had a serious look on his face. Serio has loved rap since childhood and started writing & rapping when he was a teenager. Serio made his professional debut as a rap artist in 2005 shortly before the release of his first album, Nightmares Turned Into Reality (2006). His single from that album, "I Got To Have You" gained rotation on select radio stations throughout the United States. Serio has had a great deal of success with his independent label, Serio Controla Records. To this date, his label has released 3 solo albums and 3 DVDs, moving over 150,000 units independently. Serio has worked with Kid Frost, Lighter Shade Of Brown, and Proper Dos; legends who have pioneered the genre that we today call "Chicano Rap." In addition, he has worked with MC Magic, the founding member of the group called Nastyboy Klick, which later became known as NB Ridaz. Serio has also recently worked with Mr. Midget Loco & Conejo and continues to work with many artists. Serio is currently working on his fourth album and has plans to release his first book, an autobiography, in the near future.


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