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Über mich

It is 1991. It is London. Ten thousand towers, the cyclonic hum of a trillion twisting gears, all air gone earthquake-dark in a mist of oil, in the frictioned heat of intermeshing wheels. Black seamless pavements, uncounted tributary rivulets for the frantic travels of the punched-out lace of data, the ghosts of history loosed in this hot shining necropolis. Paper-thin faces billow like sails, twisting, yawning, tumbling through the empty streets, human faces that are borrowed masks, and lenses for a peering Eye. And when a given face has served its purpose, it crumbles frail as ash, bursting into a dry foam of data, its constituent bits and motes. But new fabrics of conjecture are knitted in the City's shining cores, swift tireless spindles flinging off invisible loops in their millions, while in the hot unhuman dark, data melts and mingles, churned by gear-work to a skeletal bubbling pumice, dipped in a dreaming wax that forms a simulated flesh, perfect as thought--
-William Gibson/Bruce Sterling

One moment it was a calculating machine, attempting dispassionately to keep up with the gouts of data. And then awash in those gouts, something metal twitched and a patter of valves sounded that had not been instructed by those numbers. A loop of data was self-generated by the analytical engine. The processor reflected on its creation in a hiss of high-pressure steam.
-china mieville

And if I give him a more-allity? Then there's no fun in it. What do you have then? Just walk by frowning, like you didn't have breakfast? Not even look at someone else's stuff? Not even dream about it? That's awful! Really terrible. After all, that's how the eyes work: they just wander around and run into other people's stuff, sometimes even pop out. Legs can trip up and still walk on by, but the eye just sticks like glue, and the whole head turns with it, and thoughts get jammed like they ran straight into a column or a wall: damn, if only that were mine! Wouldn't that be... I would...! For sure I would...! You start to drool, and sometimes it would run down onto your beard. Your fingers start moving on their own, as if they were grabbing something. There's a buzzing in your chest. It's like someone's whispering in your ear: Take it! So what? No one will see!
-Tatyana Tolstaya

"A Moral and Philosophical Dissertation on Man and Woman, by Arturo Gabriel Bandini." Evil is for the weak man, so why be weak. It is better to be strong than to be weak, for to be weak is to lack strength. Be strong, my brothers, for I say unless ye be strong the forces of evil shall get ye. All strength is a form of power. All lack of strength is a form of evil. All evils a form of weakness. Be strong, lest ye be weak. Avoid weakness that ye might become strong. Weakness eateth the heart of woman. Strength feedth the heart of man. Do ye wish to become females? Aye, then grow weak. Do ye wish to become men? Aye, aye. Then grow strong. Down with Evil! Up with strength! Oh Zarathustra, endow thy women with plenty of weakness! Oh Zarathustra, endow thy men with plenty of strength! Down with woman! Hail Man!
-John Fante

The uneasy relationship between Persia and western powers from antiquity to the present has encouraged intellectuals like Aḥmad Fardīd, Ḏabīḥ Behrūz (q.v.), and Ḥosayn Malek to adopt theories of conspiracy. The term ḡarbzadagī (lit. “plagued by the West” or “westoxification”) was coined by Fardīd, who claimed that Freemasons and Jews are engaged in a great conspiracy to “hellenize” the entire world. The concept of “westoxification” appears to be derived from a recurring theme in Martin Heidegger’s works, the “darkening of the world.” The perceived decadence of the West had already begun, according to Fardīd, with the development of Greek philosophy, in which human beings (wojūd) were separated from the unity of consciousness (delāgāhī). The humanistic belief that man is at the center of the universe has determined the Western ethos since the time of the Greek philosophers. Western man is immersed in technology and more concerned with himself than with his spiritual calling in the world. This ethos is in conflict with the “spiritual ethos” of the East, but, on the other hand, the East has lost its cultural potency and is dominated by Western civilization. The liberal conception of a free society is useless in a world in which being and consciousness are no longer well integrated. Fardīd believes that the Constitutional Revolution in particular was tainted by Western Freemasonry (q.v.) and Judaism. His theories have been adopted by some intellectuals who claim that the policies of the current Islamic regime are manifestations of Eastern spirituality (e.g., Dāvarī, 1361 Š./1982; idem, 1363 Š./1984).

It is for thse reasons that it is very difficult to criticize contemporary socioeconomic arrangements or even find a vocabulary to voice that criticism. Commodities are sharply defined and easily measured: for example, the number of McDonald's franchises in Iowa or the number of Big Macs sold during the past twelves months. Focal practices, on the other hand, engage us in so many subtle ways that they cannot be captured by quantification. How does one measure the value of a family meal? A hike in the wilderness? One can talk about the value of these things only through testimony and appeal, and it often comes off as arrogant. In a land of people who have little interest in, or even awareness of, the tradition of excelllence described above, how could an appeal to such things come off as anything else? What chance does such an alternative voice have when, for example, gas-saving hybrid cars are often ridiculed for being "virtuous"? In an upside-down world, all quality is going to be viewed as elitist.
-morris berman

All CREDIT to the artist Sarah Cathers (16 Bitch Pile-up)

I reverently believe that the maker who makes us all makes everything in New England but the weather. I don't know who makes that, but I think it must be raw apprentices in the weather-clerk's factory who experiment and learn how, in New England; for board and clothes, and then are promoted to make weather for countries that require a good article, and will take their custon elsewhere if they don't get it. There is a sumptuous variety about the New England weather that compels the stranger's admiration - and regret. The weather is always doing something there; always attending strictly to business, always getting up new designs and trying them on the people and seeing how they will go. But it gets through more business in spring than in any other season. In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four-and-twenty hours. It was I that made the fame and fortune of that man that had the marvelous collection of weather on exhibition at the Centennial, that so astounded the foreigners. He was going to travel all over the world and get specimens from all the climes. I said, "Don't you do it; you come to New England on a favorable spring day." I told hime what we could do in the way of style, variety and quantity. Well, he came and he made his collection in four days. As to variety, why, he confessed that he got hundreds of kinds of weather that he never heard of before. And as to quantity - well, after he had picked out and discarded all that was blemished in any way, he had not only had weather enough, but weather to spare; weather to hire out; weather to sell; to deposit, weather to invest, weather to give to the poor.
-mark tawin

In summary, the augmented subject is constituted in an environment where atoms and bits co-produce one another. She recognizes herself in, and expresses her agency through, both atoms and bits. She is always-already an assemblage of atoms and bits, as is the world around her; because her enmeshed reality is a non-optional system, she can neither escape nor refuse it. She is a synthetic subject for a synthetic world.

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