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Über mich

Since the early days of the internet, job boards have remained very similar. Searching for jobs takes ages and it’s a frustrating experience - watching grass grow is more exciting! Despite this, job hunters haven't been given an alternative.

Think about it, the internet is changing daily but the basic idea behind every job board remains the same...

So, we started talking to groups of job hunters. People looking for their first job, people looking for a new job, people desperate for a career change and people who were very happy at work - however, even this group admitted they’d consider their ‘dream’ job, if it was offered to them!

We could have stopped there but we didn’t.

Employers, recruiters and HR managers had to be contacted. We called big multinational companies, SME’s and even a guy running a successful business from his bedroom. We wanted to know how annoying they found traditional job boards too. Everyone had a story but essentially, their problems were very similar.

This meant, SYCV had its foundations and we developed the site in conjunction with the people that had contributed to our research. It’s also helped that our own team members had used job boards past and that some of us have been recruiters!

The result of this combined knowledge is represented in SYCV. It’s quick and simple to use. It’s robust and secure and most importantly it helps people looking for a job and those looking to hire.


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