• ugh

    1. Jul. 2011, 7:56

    I hate people...not you guys, but people in general who are ignorant and/or think they are so damn amazing, and I have to stand there and force an acceptable reply. I hate how every fucking store carries the same shit i refuse to wear because floral print baggy worn out pieces of fabric just look hideous. But apparently looking like a skanky hoe bag is even better than looking like me. FUCK SOCIETY.
  • ¢@§§!∂

    31. Aug. 2010, 0:39

    always there when no one else cares
    able to help repair the gaping tare
    others stop and if we care!?
    then laugh it off or laugh to keep
    from crying ourselves to sleep
    the secrets we keep
    no one else we dare to share
    only there, she's the only one
    never need to say i'm all alone
    i have the best one, and
    until we meet i cannot speak,
    of how much thanks i owe to thee
    saving me from me
    saving me from decease

    KNAHT UOY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • grrrr

    27. Jul. 2010, 5:56

    i hate how people can be so fucking ignorant, how they always say i am this or that or trying to be and they dont know shit about me!! also how I am there for my friends and only one friend i dont even see is there for me. I am so fucking sick of people using me and saying shit about what i am or how i am cuz they can just get the fuck over themselves. it's just really anoying if u agree comment!!

    ZOMBIE: sknaht rof syawla gnieb ereht
  • BYE

    2. Jul. 2010, 5:03

    there is no point in living anymore :(
  • RAWR

    25. Jun. 2010, 8:30

    i løve him sø damn much. when i cant talk tø him im blank, but when i dø i am søøø happy...even if the secønd beføre i was crying. he is always there før me...i owe him my life! if i cøuld i wud b with him ALL the time. he is the best persøn in the entire wørld and i knøw there is nø such thing as perfect, but he is the cløsest yøu cøuld pøssibly get tø it. i need him...its life ør death, because i wud die før him! <333
  • <333

    12. Jun. 2010, 20:18


    they were killing my were trying to stop the bleeding
    i kept pleading...

    part 1

    you were there, i could tell you
    even though you were scared
    you said hugs tight but i cried harder
    you actually care, that is why
    i get scared
    im used to getting hurt
    but you would never
    my limbs, ill try not to sever

    part 2

    i love you
    you make everything alright
    you're not here but you're closer
    than anyone else
    you stay up for me
    ALWAYS talk to me
    if you weren't there...
    it would have been
    too deep
    a new... red sea

    part 3

    its funny how you could
    be my best friend
    better than any of them
    you came just in time
    you saved me
    so kisses back
    we'll dress in black
    i luvvv u lots
    i can't wait to see you
  • hmmmm

    3. Jun. 2010, 5:34

    there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with black?! i mean black eye makeup and black clothes? they r the best right??
  • crying

    18. Mai. 2010, 6:12

    when no one cares about u until they r making fun of u...its horrible :"(
  • people...

    8. Apr. 2010, 7:43

    why are people so fucking mean?! :"(