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What if Sonic was real?Virtual Reality Games 7. Jul., 14:54
Jeffree StarBeauty Killer 7. Jul., 14:22
Jeffree StarGet Physical 4. Jul., 20:52
Tiesto ft. Kyler EnglandTake me (Laibert Remix) 4. Jul., 20:47
Lady GagaSwine 4. Jul., 20:42
Ellie GouldingBurn (Laibert Remix) 4. Jul., 20:38
Jeffree StarQueen of the Club Scene 4. Jul., 20:34
Jeffree StarGorgeous 4. Jul., 20:32
Lady GagaLoveGame 4. Jul., 20:28
Lady GagaMANiCURE 4. Jul., 20:25
Jeffree StarPicture Perfect! 4. Jul., 20:20
Lady GagaGypsy 4. Jul., 20:16
Lady GagaBorn This Way (The Country Road Version) 4. Jul., 20:12
Lady GagaMarry the Night (Zedd Remix) 4. Jul., 20:08
Jeffree StarCupcakes Taste Like Violence 4. Jul., 20:04
Lady GagaHighway Unicorn (Road to Love) 4. Jul., 20:00
Britney SpearsWork Bitch (Laibert Remix) 4. Jul., 19:55
Katy PerryDark Horse (Laibert Remix) 4. Jul., 19:51
Studio KillersJenny 4. Jul., 19:48
Studio KillersWhen We Were Lovers 4. Jul., 19:44
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Über mich

So I'm supposed to fit everything about me into this little box?????? Nahhhh it can't be done. GOOGLE ME! Haha. Just kidding :)

I like psychology and human's mind fascinates me. I really like to read books and listen to music. I go to a high school. I'm from Croatia. I hope to become a veterinarian or a medic. If you want to know something feel free to ask me :) I don't bite. xxx

I Love Anime & Manga and Games Of Course Along With Movies (Mostly Comedies but Action, Drama & Romance are O.K. too).....

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

A Hug is a great gift...
One size fits all,
and it's easy to exchange.

Check me out:

Nature loves variety
and so do I!!!

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