New stuff, no money


22. Feb. 2006, 19:49

First of all, it seems my last post didn't go in the Johanssonic prayer group but it was posted in my personal blog instead..weird.

Anyway, I am still without a can I write this then? Some good souls close to me let me use their dialup and hog their line.

I ordered a lot of new stuff in the last days, mostly coming from different corners of the US. I won't list it out but it's been quite expensive. It's all stuff that I am going to need for further trips and gigs, mostly rack stuff.

How are you all holding up?


  • laurentcliff

    Are you back to the US now ? If it can make you feel better, I also bought a tons of stuffs lately, mostly from ebay. One PSP console from Asia, game, CDs... I almost bought a iPod Shuffle but then I realized that I don't need it. I have my old and heavy Archos Jukebox 20GB (360g!) and my portable CD Player, that's enough! Let's see how long I can stay without spending my money... It has been 1 week now, wow! :)

    3. Mär. 2006, 7:47
  • Schral

    I am in Italy all the stuff from abroad but still paid less than what I'd have had to pay all my gear is 110v so there's practically no choice for me (unless I want to bring a trolley full of converters :lol: ). I've been pretty much idle these days..waiting for my new laptop to arrive..was scheduled for today but it's -AS USUAL- not confirmed for today..shit :)

    3. Mär. 2006, 14:34
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