Top 10 underground free albums


23. Nov. 2011, 8:31

As an unsigned/underground free-artist myself I have stumbled across some very creative good music along the way. I really think these ones deserve more attention so I thought, why not give them a list in my
This list is probably gonna change continuously as the time goes by and I find more artists/bands that deserves to be here. So if you're in here and get removed I hope that I doesn't hurt you.. anyway, why don't give them a try?


1. Laura Sheeran - Music for the deep woods

It all started with this EP. I downloaded it and thought "this is nice". It just kept growing and growing and I just kept on checking up her music and ended up buying everything shes got. Now she's one of my top artists. She also sings in Fovea Hex. Laura Sheeran is amazing. Seriously check her up!

2. Cloudkicker - Beacons

One of the more known artists that gives away all his music for free. I've really grown tired of a lot of metal the recent years. Happy I've found artists like Cloudkicker. All his albums are amazing, but this is the strongest in my book. Why are you still here? Go on to his Bandcamp.

3. Diego Stocco - Cold Cornflakes

Another one that got all his albums out for free. Really works with music in fascinating ways. He's a sound designer and you can really tell that from his magical releases (seriously, he's got a song where he makes music from the sounds of threes!). This one is mainly done on piano and gives me a very interesting nostalgic feeling. Bandcamp it is where you find his music as well.

4. Headphone.wound - Tonbänder

It's almost to close to Bass Communion sometimes but still this one is a must hear for dark ambient-lovers. Probably my favorite ambient record overall. Get it now.

5. Circlevicious - The Void

For me another solo artist that gives me hope for the metal genre. I've always really digged what this man do. Mainly progressive metal but got more laid back/beautiful tracks as well. If you're like me and like deep, depressive songwriting you should really give it a try. You can get his stuff both from and Bandcamp.

6. Marcus Fjellström - Schattenspieler

I have to be honest with you, I haven't listened to this album too much yet 'cus I just found it. I loved the sounds songs so much that it still makes the cut for this list. You found it from his webpage. Note the free version just contains excerpts of all songs.

7. Time Columns - Sunriseinthesea EP

If you like math rock and/or progressive instrumental music with a lot of overdubs this might be something for you. I don't know, it's just something really mesmerizing about their arrangements. Addicting!

8. ✝ DE△D VIRGIN ✝ - anxieties

Puzzling dark electronica. It really grabs unto you in a very fascinating way. Gotta love those song/album-titles along with his artwork for the releases. I mean, how can you not find it interesting? However, my favorite so far is anxieties.

9. The Parties - Private Parties

This barely needs an introduction. Every song-title contains the word party. Much love for this one. Don't miss out. Can't stop smiling when listening to this. ^^

10. 1G3B - Saninjen, Gåss

Not a perfect record, but their best in my book. Much thanks to the closing track Toåran Fö Edwin. The lyrics gives me such a weird feeling... You find it here.

(list updated 25.6.2012)


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