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SO yeah I'm Sazaki. Im a pretty awesome person once you get to know me and I love good music. I don't really care what people think of me because of the music I listen to. If you don't like it then fuck off.. its not your music its mine. I can play the guitar and drums, but I prefer the drums. I hate fucking singing but sometimes I'm forced to do the singing. Im from California but with my dad being in military and all we move alot. I know how to skateboard, snowboard, and surf.. < haha the good things about moving.. XD I dont really date because I'm afarid to open my heart and get it crushed.. yea but I like to meet people and make newww friends.. Ohyea I play games.. Im a fucking addict to games. LOVE THE SO FUCKING MUCH.. I also like manga!! WOOT! XP


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