not exactly a journal.. just a quick question..


5. Sep. 2011, 18:21

why do people hate hipsters?!


  • Gentlemens-club

    Because many do it just for attention. They feel a need to broadcast to people they are different from the majority. They also try to label them self's by wearing vintage T-shirts and wearing those thick framed glasses. If you don't do any of that then you're not a hipster. If you are there is nothing wrong with it, heck I wouldn't mind being a hipster, seems cool what they wear! I'm vegetarian, the majority eat meat. I like many bands and artists people will never have heard of or listen to. Probably because the music charts are so corrupt with whatever plays on the X-Factor. But I feel no need to make people know this about me. I personally have no problem with hipsters (they like the same things as me! :3) but many people just take a dislike to them because of their nature.

    13. Okt. 2011, 17:04
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