Five Nostalgia Shots on the Raps


7. Feb. 2011, 13:36

I'm so speechless that I don't even know how to start this. I've been writing every February 6th my birthday journal, but last year I totally forgot. This year I'm only one day late.

So this is the 5-year mark for me. If my account was a child, she would tease all the boys in the kindergarden at the moment I suppose. has been an eye-opener many times during these years. Nowadays I just don't scrobble that much, so I'm not gonna throw any statistics on last year artists or tracks. I just tell you guys how I feel.

Last year I TOTALLY fell in love with Seattle hiphop scene. I did listen to Blue Scholars, Common Market and Macklemore earlier too, but now my knowledge and love on Seattle is beyond the words.

Macklemore with his producer Ryan Lewis are the hottest duo right now for me. I've been hyping Atmosphere of course too cause it's my all time favorite. I'm not unraveling too much, so you should just listen yourself. You could start with The Town, My Oh My, Wings or Otherside. Just anything is beyond awesome. My Oh My and The Town has CRAZY music videos too. Check 'em out. Zia Mohajerjasbi does a lot videos for Seattleites. Blue Scholars, Jake One, Common Market and Macklemore for example.

Other hot artists from Pacific Northwest includes Knowmads, Gabriel Teodros, Abyssinian Creole, TOM PEPE and Dyme Def. And not forgotting the producer of the Scholars and Common Market, Sabzi is awesome.

And what the hey. I live in Finland myself. See you in Seattle Seattleites in maybe a few years. That's my goal.

Peace. Alex.

R.I.P. Dave Niehaus...


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