XFM's Top 1000 Songs...(970-963)


21. Dez. 2010, 22:49

970.Radiohead – There, There
Rousing and atmospheric, this song somehow has a minimal yet vast sound with Thom Yorke’s trademark trilling vocals and the stirring drums building throughout into a glorious crescendo.

969. Paul Weller – From the Floorboards Up
Still rocking that mod sound with this catchy, staccato style track released on his solo album As Is Now in 2005.

968. The White Stripes – My Doorbell
This is different from anything else I’ve heard from The White Stripes - for a start it’s piano-led (something I think they should do more) and the beat is just so contagious, not to mention the brazenly suggestive lyrics…great song from a great album.

967. Blur – Chemical World
A lesser known Blur track from 1993 reminding us what they were all about. Should be better known.

966. Placebo – For What It’s Worth
Thankfully not a cover of Buffalo Springfield as I initially thought…but might have been more interesting. Placebo really don’t do anything for me, I’m sure you’ve gathered by now…

965. The Who – Magic Bus
This is more like it….The Who doing what they do best: punchy, classic rock. Oh with some Latin percussion thrown in for good measure.

964. Muse – Unintended
Before they went all overdramatic on us, this melodic love song showcases Matt Bellamy’s vocal talents and writing skills just as well as any of Muse’s theatrical tunes.

963. Joan Jett – I Love Rock and Roll
Who doesn’t love Joan Jett’s hot American drawl? Singalong (or rather shoutalong) anthem proving girls do have balls. In the words of Jett herself – “…they’re just a little higher up”.


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