CathedralMelancholy Emperor Lieblingslied Februar 2011
CathedralCathedral Flames Lieblingslied Februar 2011
Black DebbathThe Vikings Lieblingslied Februar 2011
Black DebbathMartin Schanche Lieblingslied Februar 2011
Black DebbathTraditional Food Lieblingslied Februar 2011
The CreepshowZombies Ate Her Brain Lieblingslied Februar 2011
The CreepshowThe Garden Lieblingslied Februar 2011
Iron MonkeySupagorgonizer Lieblingslied September 2010
Iron MonkeyWeb of Piss Lieblingslied September 2010
Iron MonkeyBad Year Lieblingslied September 2010
MardukThrone of Rats Lieblingslied Juli 2010
MardukThe Hangman of Prague Lieblingslied Juli 2010
SuffocationInfecting The Crypts Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Anal CuntHitler Was a Sensitive Man Lieblingslied Juni 2010
NasumGod Morgon, Idiotjävel! Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Impaled Northern MoonforestMasturbating on the Unholy Inverted Tracks of the Grim & Frostbitten Necrobobsledders Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim and Frostbitten Gay Bar Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Impaled Northern MoonforestAwaiting The Blasphemous Abomination Of The Necroyeti While Sailing On The… Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Church of MiseryEl Padrino (Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo) Lieblingslied April 2010
Church of MiseryBadlands (Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate) Lieblingslied April 2010
SportlovSnöbollskrieg Lieblingslied April 2010
SportlovSvarta Pisten Lieblingslied April 2010
SportlovBloddopad av Satan Lieblingslied April 2010
AeonHouse Of Greed Lieblingslied April 2010
AeonYou Pray To Nothing Lieblingslied April 2010
AeonHate Them Lieblingslied April 2010
S.O.D.Speak English Or Die! Lieblingslied April 2010
S.O.D.Kill Yourself Lieblingslied April 2010
S.O.D.Get A Real Job Lieblingslied April 2010
S.O.D.Fuck The Middle East Lieblingslied April 2010
InhumeThe Missing Limb Lieblingslied April 2010
Black DebbathDen femte statsmakt Lieblingslied August 2009
Black DebbathKing of Norway Lieblingslied August 2009
CathedralSatanikus Robotikus Lieblingslied August 2009
Hiljainen KevätPunainen helvetti Lieblingslied August 2009
Hiljainen KevätPerverssi Lieblingslied August 2009
DJ HazardMachete Lieblingslied August 2009
Distorted Minds and DJ HazardMr Happy Lieblingslied August 2009
AeonForever Nailed Lieblingslied Juli 2009
AeonGod Gives Head in Heaven Lieblingslied Juli 2009
AeonSoulburner Lieblingslied Juli 2009
AeonEternal Hate Lieblingslied Juli 2009
Regurgitate(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum Lieblingslied Juli 2009
God Among InsectsChainsawed Christians Lieblingslied Juli 2009
Spawn of PossessionChurch of Deviance Lieblingslied Juli 2009