Don't Mess With Texas


3. Nov. 2008, 16:31

I am annoyed. Yes. I am. Not that it's all too hard to get me annoyed. But this morning I stumbled upon something that didn't leave my mind today. Have to write it off...

What was the annoying thing, you're probably wondering.

I want to start by saying that 'being annoyed' is sort of an understatement. It started as being annoyed. Then it turned to irritation. Now I'm across the line of being furious.

You're clueless on what this is about, now, are ya?

It's about . .. I'm a long time fan of music. I love Texas country. And that's not only because it's dominated by men. Cute men (Roger Creager, Brandon Rhyder, Micky and the Motorcars). Nice men (Aaron Watson, John Evans, Bruce Robison). The rough around the edges men (Tyler McCumber, Jimmy LaFave, Jarrod Birmingham). Nope. It's the outlaw twist in the traditional music. That living close to the gulf and on the border sound. The unique integration of Southern rock, traditional root sound, the truthful lyrics and being straight forward. Need I say more?

Haven't heard about this country sub-genre before? Well. You better start getting into it quick, before it gets ruined...

How would Texas country be ruined? Well. By accepting girlies like Crystal Sands from Maryland to enter the Texas music scene. Of course there's nothing new to having 'non-Texans' in the Texas scene. There's nothing wrong with Cross Canadian Ragweed from Oklahoma or Reckless Kelly from Oregon. Far from wrong, I'd say!Ragged As The Road is just as Texas as can be.

I think it's okay to have geographical not too Texas singers or groups to join the Texas scene. Texas music is a statement. A statement against Nashville. And that's where Crystal goes wrong...

Right after finishing high-school, the girl went to Nashville with her daddy to see if she could make it. Probably she couldn't, since all of a sudden she thought it would be better to cross another two State borders West. And there she was. In Texas. She'd probably been thinking it would be easier to just start there. Probably because there's not all that much Texas country ladies in the scene ( Bonnie Bishop, Kelly Willis).

So. Now she's using Austin to get to where she wants. She wants to be the new Tammy Wynette (yes, that's what she says!!!).

Somehow I'm really having a problem with all of this. Sure. The girl probably isn't all that bad (although her album isn't all that appealing to me, but that just might be my prejudice), but I just don't want Austin to be the new Nashville. I don't want Crystals performing in line with Bonnies.

I want my Texas music to stay Texas music. I don't like changes. I therefore like to end this journal by using a Texas slogan:



  • jcshepard

    As Lyle Lovett said, That's Right, You're Not From Texas (But Texas Wants You Anyway). Reckless Kelly are from Idaho, upper Salmon River valley near the Lost River Range. It's not God's country, but you can just about see Montana from there.

    3. Nov. 2008, 17:58
  • Sacha72

    JC, you're probably very, very right. I immediately believe you. Maybe you can change the article on good old Wiki that says the band was formed in Bend, Oregon. Same article mentions something about them coming from Stanley, Idaho. Sigh. I should have consulted you before posting my journal... Can you forgive me?

    3. Nov. 2008, 20:40
  • jcshepard

    I didn't realize that Micky & the Motorcars was related to the Reckless boys, either. They're all mixed up and related somehow. Brennen Leigh is one move-to-Texas artist that is more Texas now than the Texans. It is very annoying how some folks think they can pick up the vibe just be moving someplace. Seems fake, counterfeit. At worst even undercutting what makes a scene vital and interesting. What the pop tarts did to Nashville, they now want to do to Austin. Get mad! Get angry!! Let 'em know if they mess with Texas, they're gonna get a taste of the Horns.

    3. Nov. 2008, 21:30
  • Sacha72

    Somehow you just made my exact point clear in only a few lines! Yep, Willy and Mickey are brothers. Maybe they once will be merging their bands into the Braun Bunch or something.:) In a way, it's such a small scene. I hope they're gonna keep it that way!

    4. Nov. 2008, 9:31
  • Tex581

    Wow,even though this was posted last year I think it is well written and I could not agree more. I love Texas music and the whole outlaw image that it brings back to country music. We have been dealing with Nashville's sense of humor for too long and it's time we look out for our local heroes. It's our last ditch effort at taking country music back. Good Job Sacha. Wish there was a way to lock out the impostors but unfortunately there isn't. Keep up the good post.

    11. Feb. 2009, 23:28
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