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13. Dez. 2007, 23:19

"Simply put; (Deathkiller) want to rock you....New England is Sinking is full of raw rock 'n' roll-injected hardcore. But just because Deathkiller have a bit of roll doesn't mean they can't be pissed- it's wholly convincing when Matt McIntosh screams "You bastards/You fucked up" in Idle Worship. Deathkiller deliver a done-and-done sound more than competently."

"Deathkiller are only a couple steps from epic shit. It is surprising that a three-piece can make such emotive, intense music – calling out all these new six-member pop hardcore bands – but however they create the music it is glorious."

"Throw out your screamo and nu-metal, here's something of substance."

"the threesome breathes some new life into a stagnant genre, blending and embellishing the punishing sound of hardcore with a stripped-down melody and outspoken stance on the politics of punk."

"Sometimes a band comes along and perfects a sound after the originators and it all comes into itself. Deathkiller could be as siginificant as Helmet."

"Taking the timeless, yet simplistic fury of Black Flag and cranking the energy levels up way beyond human tolerance."

"Finally, Connecticut has something cool to brag about in the form of Deathkiller. There is not a bland effort in the bunch...... but the real surprise is bassist Christina Chiaramonte, and no, not because she's a girl. Rather, she is tremendous bassist who actually gets to show off in the midst of two other sterling players. It is rare, particularly with this style of music, that each of the three band mates can expose their individual talents. Their sound is immense for a trio, and I could not believe the wrath unleashed throughout this disc. Deathkiller does more than imitate a classic period of East Coast passion. There is intricacies immersed in the intensity, and this band deserves big time attention."
-Rich Quinlan / JERSEYBEAT.COM

"Deathkiller isn’t a band that invented a new sound. Rather they went way back to when hardcore started, gave things a modern sound and delivered one impressive debut album."

"(Deathkiller) have a sound that is actually unique among the majority of its counterparts and comes off pretty damn sincere to boot. Song after song the band beats you with a driving rhythm section that has all the right turns in all the right places. The vocals really give this band an edge, McIntosh's scream singing just works wonders with the Black Flag meets The Bronx rocked out sound. "

"With four hi-hat whacks, Deathkiller screams, “We are here motherfucker, so listen up.” Sporting a chipped-shoulder aggression and a short fuse burning on both ends, “Take Me to Your Bleeder” opens the debut full-length New England is Sinking with full force. Over the course of 13 songs, the trio of Matt McIntosh, Anthony Realbuto and Christina Chiaramonte, lash out at the system and the status quo, recalling a time when hardcore bands stood for something, or at least stood for more than image and idolatry......classic hardcore I suppose, in the truest sense imaginable. The only statements this band makes are the subtle suggestions to tear down all you see around you that is phony and full of shit."

"Taking the thematic approach from an age old punk ethos and serving it up on a platter of rock and fucking roll, it is almost hard to believe their well evolved sound is the product of only a three piece. Deathkiller answers the call for any one looking to get down with traditional American hardcore in its newest fury of sounds. Deathkiller is a band that is here for the right reasons - and doing it the right way. "

"You need to check this band out if you're a hard hardcore kid. Very good!"

"Every track on New England Is Sinking is a short blast packed with scrappy vocals, good hooks and solid riffs. Good shit."

"Anti-war is just one of the major themes on New England Is Sinking. The band also takes on issues of materialism, commercialization and the cult of celebrity. All of this is done to the band’s piledriving riffs and screaming vocals. Much like Rage Against the Machine, another politically-oriented band, Deathkiller can rock, which will appeal to casual listeners. Deathkiller is the sort of band custom made to have a devoted and fanatical cult following someday."

"there's something about them that makes them stick out from the pack, they're one of the few hardcore bands to contain a female member (bassist Christina Chiaramonte). Despite the fact that the group contains only three members, Deathkiller easily holds their own against the other suspects...... a few ingredients show that Deathkiller may think a bit broader than the average hardcore band, check Chiaramonte's Helmet-esque basslines and the Rage Against the Machine-esque chorus of "New England Is Sinking")."

"In slip a trio of reformed hardcore types who make up the innocuously named Deathkiller to not only strike the hammer with great force but to set that particular bell ringing like an church tower having a seizure. Frenetic, kinetic melodic punk very much in the style of an earthier Good Riddance or a stripped-down Boysetsfire, with the soulful vocals of former Hatebreed axe-swinger Matt MacIntosh belting out some of the most direct and accusatory lyrics aimed at the current US administration. Yet rather than point the finger and reel off a list of crimes, Deathkiller cut right to the quick, constantly asking questions that will ring true with each successive government, not just in the US but in any country that needless sends its young men off to die."

"This is a damn compelling debut record from this trio."

"(New England is Sinking) shows reverence a respect for the roots in old school hardcore. Equally, the pulse of the music (which is surprisingly melodic in its aggression) hammers with the current hardcore metal taste while at the same time respecting tradition. This may be metallic but its hardcore heritage hasn't been left behind. It's the kind of album that can satisfy both metalhead and punk fan."

"Like all great hardcore, 'New England is Sinking' doesn't relent: It's 26 minutes marked by a sustained intensity that is driven further by McIntosh's urgent singing style. But unlike many of the early hardcore bands from which Deathkiller takes its cues, it matches its intensity with musical precision. The riffs and rhythm pulse are unrelenting and exacting. Despite all the lyrical vitriol, 'New England Is Sinking' sounds neither trite, naively idealistic nor, most surprisingly, bitter. Instead, the songs come off like a battle cry."
-Ray Hogan / The Advocate


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