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Über mich

Complex metaphors, catchy hooks and heavy bass tone vocals are just a few of the foundational elements describing Poems. Hailing from Long Beach California, this emcee keeps it humble when bragging rights are well deserved.

With over sixteen years of poetry and lyrics written, Poems attributes his inspired creativity to his life experiences. His fond childhood memories, and enduring friendships have formed him into the artist that he is today. Knowing he is a “poet born and not made”. Poems understands that he has been called to use positive music as a tool for the enrichment of something much greater then self gain.

Poems took an extra step of faith and collaborated with other Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artists to form the group LA Symphony. Two albums and one EP later; the crew was nominated in 2002 for Hip Hop Group of the Year by the Los Angeles Times. Throughout their musical experience; Poems has performed on the NBA/Yahoo Rhythm and Rims tour and Power 106’s P3. After touring throughout the U.S. Poems took his music over sea’s. Touching down in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Ireland and South Korea. Poems has shared the stage with many well-respected artists of every genre; from P.O.D. and Good Charlotte to Xhibit, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5 and hip hop legends – Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and EPMD.

Poems high energy performance and thought provoking lyrics can rock a crowd and touch emotions that run deep within. His lyrics are a feast even for the most discriminating Hip-Hop coinsurer. A true lover of art, with a passion for creativity. Poems is in it for the long run as an artist for the ever evolving Hip-Hop Movement