• One for the future

    21. Apr. 2008, 19:04

    Tue 15 Apr – The Courteeners

    Off the chain, but a £5 for 2 posters is a joke still got one for nowt, 2nd time ive seen em and they just get better and better.

    I'm not gunna review this gig at all, go and SEE THEM !!!
  • Millburn Newcastle Uni

    22. Sep. 2007, 17:58

    How can i explain this gig, well for starters there we some very good looking students there which is cool and good for the eyes. Missed the support acts but i got talking to the lead singer for one of them at the bar they were called Model Radio Model Radio URL when Milburn came on the place was bouncing with there new single been one of the 1st song to be performed, they made me wait for my fav's and performed lots of new song from the album out on monday 23/09/07. Some fighting kicked off which the bouncers found hard to control which made the night a bit more manic than it was and among me and my mates we thought The sunshine underground in middlesbrough town hall was a crazy gig this steals the award. The song that made the night gr8 for me was Send in the boysSend in the Boys