aesop rock was listening to some protopunk eightees to make this beat all i had left after her was this song atleast my music understands me based devil basically an emo dont worry be happy song bedroom swag cheesy hiphop love songs you love chill cries of unrealized passion damn its a inspirational stoner rap song dedicated to be the last song on a breakup mixtape downright sexy sounds drive in movie elvis is doing distorted lofi now experimental fuck some people up music fucking swag ganja in my body getting punched with a silk glove ghetto star trek music ghost disco heaven is coming from somewhere hip-hop hitchhiking music honesty through depression hot sweaty afternoon in bed with your lover hot sweaty awkwardness i feel like moe from the simpsons i have a question can you do better i have faith in hiphop again i only have memories of you i sang this in the car loudly with the wndows down with friends i want to hide under my bed sheets forever i want to run away with you i will find a girl that deserves to hear this song someday if only i could yell at life this would be what id say im about to smack a bitch im drunk tonight im not afriad to play this loudly in my car with the windows rolled down im the shit walk in music instrumental joy bursts through this song just be in love with me you motherfucker just fucking heartbreaking just smoke a bong hit in the dark to this just that close to ending it knock boots shit last time i heard this i was on e smiling at girlies at the house party lick on your bitches neck to this like melted butter loops loser anthem make a girl feel hot and bothered to this makes me think of my girlfriend even more makes me want to be a whore makes me want to give up makes me want to lick someones face mellow my theme before my head hits the pavement new age slowcore nothing is fucking alright omgthank you basedgod this is so emotional painful nostalgia please forget everything just lose yourself prince impersonation on shrooms pushing fuckers out the way theme music rap real fucking feelings in life real shit realraps reminds me of acoustic sublime richmondva ripdjscrew screw slow motion rhythm and blues disco dancing with your chick rolling on beans smooth swag sounds like i left my tv on an old episode of chips last night while i was passed… spark a fat blunt and get ready to fuck suck my dick hoe swag my nigga swag that long roadtrip at night where no one is talking that new age nate dogg shit the art of hiding in your bed forever the ignored boyfriend has this as his theme music during a tear jerker the world is ending and im ok about it they dont play velvet underground this is the last resort im taking to ask her out this is what i hear when i play pink floyd through my depressed drug inhabited nights this song is the new drug in the streets touching your love on the back porch on a breezy summer night trap trillloveshit trippy trippy lofi trying my best to forget her voice gets you hyped enough to punch a motherfucker in the throat walk down the busy street with a stereo system overhead blasting this at high volume… why cant anyone understand you better blast this each time you play this shit youre about to die now