Massive Attack - and a point of action


8. Jan. 2010, 17:49

Now that I've been to a few concerts in Paris, I am reminded to note a very important issue:

You are short. The French are much much taller.

It would have been nicer had I gotten the seated areas. Being the petite Asian that I am, all I could see were the back of people's bodies, not even heads. My neck was sore from looking up most of the time, trying to catch a glimpse of anybody on stage. I saw the background art and a few heads but that was that.

But soundwise, it was great. I saw one or two who were moving and grooving on their own rhythm - seeing Lucy in the sky of diamonds. Whatever. Though the music made me crave for Marlboro Light Menthol, bad.

They played tracks from their latest album and a few known ones. I truly appreciated 'Teardrops', 'Safe from Harm' and Inertia Creeps. Nothing much was improvised.

Back to the topic of height or the lack thereof, what's my next step? Get seated off course. What about this next concert, AC/DC?


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