3rd Entry: New Politics


24. Jul. 2010, 22:35

Came across their debut album on iTunes, they album ( New Politics), just grips you.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, the opening track behaves well, achieving it's mission by presenting the main features of the band, and leaves you anxious to hear the rest of the record. The songs move smoothly, you don't feel like hearing the same song 10 times, something thats happening quite often on this century.
New Politics are a breath of fresh air, they are the living proof that originality, diversity and good new-on-the-rise rock still exists somewhere in the modern ocean of auto-tune and cheap electro-pop massive produced music, from Yeah Yeah Yeah, passing through the social criticizing Dignity and the loud Burn and until New Generation, you'll feel that every track has it's own magic and that every song is worth a listen.

New Politics rock! let's keep looking forward to what this new rockers have to offer..


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